Gisele Bundchen Sings for H&M

It's September, and it basically feels like autumn (let me have this, summer-lovers), so let's get right into it: Gisele Bundchen is the face of H&M's autumn campaign.

Debuting via print, online, on billboards, and in commercial campaigns on September 12, the model will be the face — and voice — of the brand's new collection. The collection, we should add, that combines feminine looks with "street style." Translation: "Utilitarian coats and blazers worn with blouses, sweatshirts, and pants." 

But wait, there's more. (Dun, dun, dun.)

In terms of being "the voice," Bundchen won't just be a voice-over — she'll actually be singing for charity. The version of The Kinks' "All Day and All Night" that will run along with the campaign will be available to buy via iTunes, and then then out of those sales, H&M will donate a portion to UNICEF. 

Understandably, Bundchen is enthused.

"I am so excited to be the face of H&M this autumn," she said. "I love the street style look, and that we can raise funds for a good cause. I hope everyone downloads my song!"

And we're pretty sure that won't be a problem. You can check out H&M's behind-the-scenes video below, and begin counting down to September 12 anytime. (Only eight more days!)

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