Did Lady Gaga steal ‘Judas’?

Da-rama! Looks like Mama Monster’s come under fire from musician Rebecca Francescatti who’s filed a lawsuit against Gaga for alleged copyright infringement.

TMZ reports that the relatively unknown Francescatti is calling plagiarism on the singer who apparently ripped off the 1999 track, ‘Juda’, which was recorded by Rebecca F. & the Memes the same year. Evidently, the songs have a few similarities – one of which being the presence of former band bass player Brian Gaynor who’s now on the roster of the company who penned 17 songs for Born This Way. Uh-oh.

And here come the attornies. Francescatti’s lawyer has told TMZ that “though the songs are different styles, the composition is the same and the chorus is the same melody. [Rebecca] is seeking recognition for what she created.” (Also known as cash-money.)

The former frontwoman has named Gaga, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, DJ White Shadow and sound engineer Brian Joseph Gaynor as the principal creators of ‘Judas’ which she claims “[bears] a substantial similarity” to ‘Juda’, with the track having “copied and incorporated substantial original portions” of her work. What she wants? A portion of the profits. (Naturally.)

Not that we’re siding one way or another. But in this day and age, aren’t we all aware that almost every song sounds a bit like a song recorded years before? Or should we be compensating the gentleman who figured out the G-chord? Needless to say, we’ve likely got quite a saga on our hands.


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