Copying Posh Spice Could Damage You

Victoria Beckham is a style icon, a designer, and perhaps, most importantly, a Spice Girl (which kind-of, definitely makes her a queen). But she's doing something that's actually quite risky.

In a piece for England's Sunday Express, experts weighed in on something called "Poshitis" — a condition you can develop by carrying your very large purse in the crook of your elbows.

"Women may think they are following up a catwalk trend, but they are storing up trouble," explained physiotherapist Sammy Margos. "We have seen a huge increase in shoulder and neck problems, and killer heels can add to the pressure on posture. We have seen handbags which weigh a huge one-and-a-half stone. It can cause repetitive strain injury, and pain in the shoulder and neck."

Not only that, but torn muscles, and inflamed shoulder muscles, too — which, is the official definition of "Poshitis," according to experts.

So remember: you can carry a handbag, a clutch, a shoulder bag, a messenger bag, whatever. But think function over fashion. As someone who literally broke her finger picking up her bag wrong once (seriously — two years ago), I can vouch that a freakishly heavy bag will land you at an X-ray appointment. And my bag wasn't even that fancy.

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