Conan Announces Guests for New Show

It’s been all laughs this week as the king of late night TV, Conan O’Brien, has been promoting his new show Conan. Through hilarious videos on YouTube and Twitter broadcasts, social media and the internet itself has been his outlet to his fans. The advertising has raised a lot of hype for Conan’s return to his late night spot and the show is highly anticipated by viewers everywhere.

We all remember the O’Brien vs. Leno battle over the late night spot, the long battle then seemed to go on for months. Shortly after these discussions Conan took over The Tonight Show as host for seven months. After getting a not so great response NBC proposed that both programs”Leno and O’Brien’s shows”move to later programming. Once this decision was made Conan decided to leave NBC (in January) and Leno was back hosting The Tonight Show by March. Attached to Conan leaving The Tonight Show was a $45 million settlement and a clause that stated he was not to host another TV show before September 2010.

During premiere week Conan is set to return with a list of all star guests including both actors and musicians. Monday will kick off the week with Vancouver’s very own Seth Rogen and musician Jack White (The White Stripes). Soundgarden, Tom Hanks and 30 Rock regular Jack McBrayer will be sitting alongside O’Brien. It’s not until Wednesday that the show may just have mass amounts of female viewers when Mad Men hottie Jon Hamm will be stopping by. Toronto’s Michael Cera, Jon Dore and Julia Bowen will wrap up the first week of shows appearing on Thursday and hopefully won’t be the last of the star-studded guests”anyone else feeling this ultimate Canadian connection.

In a video message to CTV Conan expresses his happiness. “I’m absolutely thrilled to be coming to you on CTV,” he said. Canada was the first place to embrace me… when I took my show here to Toronto several years ago, you treated me like a rock star and I never forgot it. I love your country. I love your people. And I really love your comedy.”

The much anticipated show will air on CTV Monday through Thursday at 11pm starting November 8 as well as on TBS.

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