Cindy Crawford To Release A Clothing Line

The good news: Cindy Crawford is teaming up with C&A to release her debut clothing line. The bad: it’s launching in Europe.

Because C&A is a European chain, 1500 C&A stores across the continent will be privvy to Cindy Crawford’s designs, while the rest of us will be forced to wait for another collaboration, or at least until we can buy it online.

“I have always dreamed of having my own fashion line, and am thrilled to be partnering with C&A,” Crawford said to Vogue UK. “It is important to me to be affiliated with a company that offers feel-good fashion with an unparalleled customer offering. My goal is to help design comfortable fashion for everyday wear.”

The collection will be mostly casual and will reflect Cindy Crawford’s personal style, with key pieces and wardrobe staples (sweaters, t-shirts, knits, etc.) making up most of it.

But why C&A? Considering it left even the UK a few years back, a predominently European line is bizarre considering Cindy Crawford herself is American. We can only hope this means she’s just testing the waters and will take to designing for us North Americans soon.

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