Chris Brown’s Award Mistakenly Given to Ex-Girlfriend, Rihanna at 2011 BET Awards

Chris Brown raked in five BET trophies at the awards show on Sunday, but in a mid-show error, one of his awards was mistakenly given to ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. Talk about a MAJOR fail. As if the situation between Rihanna and Chris Brown wasn’t already awkward enough “ we’re constantly walking on eggshells whenever they’re mentioned in the same sentence “ but believe it or not, the mix-up made things even tenser.

Tiffany Greene was the lucky fan “ if you can still call her that “ who was chosen to present the viewer’s choice award, but there was a huge mistake when she announced the winner of the award. At first, she read that the winner was Chris Brown but quickly recanted and corrected herself, saying, I’m sorry, the winner is Rihanna.

But despite the correction, Rihanna wasn’t even the winner after all. Drake took the stage to accept the award on behalf of Rihanna (who fortunately wasn’t at the awards show). He got up on the stage and started off the acceptance speech with Well, this is awkward. Talk about the understatement of the year.

As if that wasn’t enough, BET went on to announce at the end of the show that Chris Brown was indeed the winner after all.

BET later clarified that the mix-up was their fault entirely, and that mistakes happen.

That BET Awards Viewer’s Choice mix-up was due to human error, tweeted Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Music Programming and Specials. And I was the human that made that error. I apologize to ALL affected.

Sure I guess slip-ups are common at awards shows, but having these two names pop up at the same time is just asking for headlines.

Even though BET admitted to the mistake, some are blaming the embarrassed fan who missed her lucky break on camera. She took to Twitter immediately following the mix-up writing, bawling backstage. They totally f***** me up.

Whether or not this was a mistake or intentional drama, if the awards ceremonies don’t start to get their act together soon, who knows, they could end up with a situation where Taylor Swift is handing out an award to Kanye West “ which will probably be a little more than just plain awkward.


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  1. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    i was mad at the tiffany girl when i first saw that moment because i thought it was a sick jokes
  2. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    i was mad at the tiffany girl when i first saw that moment because i thought it was a sick jokes

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