Charlize Theron’s New TV Venture

Whose Line Is It Anyway? has returned, so why wouldn't a fashion-equivalent follow in the improv series' glorious footsteps? Kind of, anyway.

Charlize Theron's production company, Denver & Delilah has announced a new clothes-slopping reality show called Whose Closet Is It Anyway? which will, acccording to Vogue, revolve around three women (per episode) with dramatically different styles who swap wardrobes. The show's concept is reportedly based on an Israeli series produced by Kashet Media that first aired in 2011.

While the debut date of this version has yet to be announced, a spokesperson for Kashet Media told The Huffington Post that "each participant will have to change her entire look and try on styles that are totally different from her own, all while going about her usual routine."

"What does it feel like to walk in another woman's stilettos?" they said. "Will her family like her new look? What will her boss have to say?"

So many questions, so little details about Ms. Theron's new venture. Obviously, though, this could fill the void What Not To Wear will leave behind.

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