Big Brother Canada Week 7 Recap

This week the house was flipped on its head and hit with the first ever triple eviction. The week started out on a high for Kevin who managed to beat out the rest of the house in a Sindy themed HOH challenge.


Working closely with the Diaper alliance, A.K.A. the couples, he convinced everyone that Godfrey was his target for the week despite Bobby being the true target. Luckily for Kevin, Bobby had no problem going on the block and actually volunteered himself for nomination. Sure, Bobby, that worked out so well for Jordan two weeks ago, so why not try it yourself? Since Bobby had been lying to the house about having a secret power of veto, he saw getting nominated as a way to keep the lie going and to get the chance to play for the real veto. In the end he chose to nominate Bobby alongside bitter Brittnee, making it her fourth time sitting on the block as a pawn.


Knowing that Kevin was a smart player, Bruno feared that there was more to Kevin’s plan than met the eye. Sensing that he or Godfrey could be Kevin’s real target, he decided to feel him out in the HOH room, literally. Bruno tried using hugs as a way to establish a connection with Kevin and make him feel comfortable. Unfortunately for Bruno, Kevin saw through his touchy feely behavior and plotted ways to get Bruno and Bobby out of the house with his new closest ally Mr. Piggy.


After the power of veto challenge, Kevin held all the power and chose to go against his alliance’s wishes to backdoor Godfrey by keeping the nominations the same. Knowing that the houseguests would be expecting him to use his fake veto, Bobby had to come clean and threw a piece of plastic on the ground, admitting that he had been lying to everyone about what it was.


A glimmer of hope arrived for Bobby when he stumbled upon the girls goofing around by the hot tub. He creepily stood outside the door and eavesdropped on their conversation, overhearing Willow saying I’m not in the Chop Shop anymore. Using what he heard, Bobby took this info to Bruno, Godfrey, and Zach and to convince them that there was an all girl alliance that included Willow.


What Bobby didn’t know is that while he talked to the guys, the girls were also listening close by and saw his plan coming. Unable to break the newly formed bond between the girls, Bobby didn’t have enough votes with the guys to keep him safe, and he was voted out in a 7-0 sweep.


With Bobby out of the picture, it was time to crown a new HOH. Brittnee once again went from pawn to queen after coming up with the most correct answers in a Talk of the Block themed true or false game. With Brittnee back in power, Arisa broke the news to the houseguests that for the first time ever two more of them would be going home in one night, making it a triple eviction.



Brittnee had mere minutes to decide who to nominate and took the opportunity to put up giant competitors Zach, Kevin, and their ally Pilar. Minutes later the houseguests were competing for their lives in a power of veto challenge that had them racing to find cogs with the evicted houseguests names on them and place them in the correct order. Although it seemed like Zach or Kevin was in the lead, it was Bruno who unexpectedly won the POV. He shocked everyone by choosing to use his power to save Zach, which meant that Brittnee had to make another snap decision and put Willow on the block.


With little time to think, the houseguests voted for which one of the three nominees they wanted to save. Kevin was doomed from the moment he went on the block, receiving no votes to be saved, and Willow couldn’t even get a vote to be saved from her showmance and closest ally Sarah, making her the third evictee of the night.


Before the week was over, Arisa still had one last parmesan and garlic flavoured twist to reveal. Thanks to another Twistos twist, this week Canada will be voting to decide which houseguests will be living in the have-not room, and whichever houseguests are chosen will be given a special opportunity to play for a hidden power that would allow them to change this week’s nominations. With such a hectic week and a triple eviction in one night, right now the only houseguest that I would trust with a special power is this seagull from the backyard, but okay, I’ll take it.


For now we can all take a breather and take some time to morn the loss of Willow and Kevin in our daily lives, and more importantly let’s not forget to take a moment of silence to remember our time with the beautiful Madame Gabrielle, who we may never see again.


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