The Bachelor, Season 18, Episode 2 Recap: Save the Drama for Your Mama

The first action- and date-packed episode took a ride on the crazy train starting the season off on a dramatic note with an abundance of cry faces while also showing off the good sports, plus a super gracious and compassionate Juan Pablo. 

Clare received the first one-on-one date card and was all smiles when Juan Pablo picked her up and blindfolded her for their "chill" date. They arrived at a romantic winter wonderland complete with sledding, skating and twinkling lights. Taking advantage of the intimate setting in the perfectly placed hot tub, Clare opened up with Juan Pablo about her family life and how losing her father almost a decade ago forced her to shut down emotionally but admitting she's ready to open herself up again to the possibility of love. Clearly music to JP's ears, he presented Clare with a rose and followed it up by slow dancing to a private concert in bathing suits and fake snow, prompting the first kiss of the season. 

Back at the mansion, the girls were enjoying the pool with some drinks, Lucy showed her "free spirit" side by casually taking off her bikini top, warranting the comment, "Yeah, no, you're not going unnoticed," while making some of the other girls mildly uncomfortable. The second one-on-one date card arrived for Kat, leaving some of the other girls worried that they were only going to be a part of the group date and worrying about what they can do to stand out (not a problem for Lucy, obvs). Juan Pablo picked up Kat and drove her to an air park where the two boarded a private jet. While on the flight a confused Kat was asked to put on neon light-up running gear, which made sense when they landed in Salt Lake City, Utah for the Electric Run, which was basically a giant glow-in-the-dark dance party/5k run that ended with both Kat and Juan Pablo on the stage dancing and snuggling (but no kissing!) and Kat accepting the second rose of the episode. Their date seemed really fun and both Kat and JP clearly enjoyed themselves, but the connection between the two seemed limited as very little time was spent on them talking and getting to know one another. 

The group date was next up and had 13 of the girls all together vying for Juan Pablo's attention. The group was brought to a charity photoshoot where the girls and JP would be posing with puppies up for adoption in hopes that the images might give each of the pups a new home. Each of the shots were themed and the girls were dressed to fit in with the dog they were each paired with, which meant "dog lover" Kelly was airbrushed and given a bald cap to match her spotted bald dog. Understandably displeased with her outfit compared to some of the girls who got to rock bikinis, lifeguard bathing suits and party dresses, Kelly was a really good sport about everything, unlike Elise and Andi who were both set to wear nothing but birthday suits and strategically placed signs saying "Adopt Me". Elise swapped costumes with Lucy (who clearly has no issue with nudity–so much so she took to the streets of L.A. in the buff to walk a dog) for Lucy's very covered fire hydrant, but it was Andi that began to freak out when she came to terms with the fact that she was going to have to be naked on TV. Naturally, like any sane woman, she calmed down when Juan Pablo consoled her and said he'd be naked in the shot too. 

After the photoshoot came the drama. What started off innocently enough with some drinks, a rooftop patio, Juan Pablo and 13 females (including Cassandra telling JP she has a two-year-old son) ended with tears and a lot of awkward side glances. While some of the girls were trying to get some alone time with JP, others (like Victoria) were drinking (a lot) and getting all emotional. Setting out to find JP while he was chatting up Nurse Nikki (the two clearly have a connection, btw), Victoria decided it would be a better idea to start crying (read: bawling) and run to the washroom. Followed by Mama Renee who tried to console her, Victoria became HYSTERICAL to the point that even JP couldn't talk to her (poor guy tried so hard) and tried to leave the venue they were at. She was taken to a hotel for the night where JP visited the following day to let her down easy and send her on her way even after she apologized, but not before giving Kelly the rose at the group date for being such a good sport about the photoshoot. Juan Pablo was truly gracious about Victoria and completely non-judgemental (unlike the majority of the ladies on the date, not to mention all those watching from home) making everyone fall even more in love with him. 

At the cocktail party Cassandra was next up to cry, though because she missed her son and was concerned she was leaving him for all the wrong reasons, not because she's batcrap crazy. Resident maternal figure Renee consoled her and told her that she is here for the right reasons and shouldn't leave because she'll regret it, which was followed by JP coming to console her and tell her that he understands everything she's going through. After the tears dried, the rose ceremony began, sending two girls home (three including Victoria) and finishing off the night with a toast.

Coming up roses: Clare, Kat, Kelly, Cassandra, Nikki, Andi, Elise, Sharleen, Renee, Danielle, Lucy, Alli, Chelsie, Lauren and Christy

Bachelorettes to watch: Clare, Renee, Cassandra, Andi, Lucy (if only for the nudity)

Cry count: Episode- 4 (Andi, Victoria, Cassandra, Chantel); Season Total – 8

Kiss count: 1 (Clare)

Catfight count: 0 (for now)


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