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Anne Hathaway’s Advice

Her advice to Oscar hosts everywhere

Oscars 2013 are coming closer, so you can’t help but wonder how Seth MacFarlane — who’s hosting — feels about them so far. Regardless, Anne Hathaway had some (indirect) advice for him.

If you remember, the “Les Miserables” star co-hosted the gig with James Franco the year before last. And suffice to say, it didn’t go splendidly. (Though in all fairness, Franco seemed . . . well there are a few words for how he seemed.)

Thus, Anne Hathaway has reportedly said that you shouldn’t trust anyone who tells you rehearsals are going well.

“Everybody was just being very positive around me, so nobody was giving me any notes,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I watched a clip [afterward] and as soon as I saw it, I saw my mistake. It made me really angry with myself that I didn’t watch any tapes of rehearsal before I went on — because it was such an easy fix.”

So watch the tapes, Seth MacFarlane! Or at the very least, just do the Gangnam Style sketch from “Saturday Night Live” if it starts to go south.

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