Father’s Day Gifts Every Dad Will Love

There are as many types of Father’s Day gifts as there are types of fathers — few gifts are ever truly one-size-fits-all, and the ideal gift for your dad is best determined by his particular interests and inclinations. If dad is the type to take pride in taking care of himself himself, maybe you need to check out our gift guide for the well-groomed dad, but for all other dads, fear not. We’ve got you covered:

For the consummate chef and kitchen god, consider an appliance that will either up his game or be an upgrade on something he already owns. Pasta makers, coffee grinders, crockpots and fancy tableware are all solid options, but if he’s got a caffeine affinity, it’s impossible to go wrong with this hyper-sleek and functional Pure Precision Pour-Over Coffee Brewer ($250) by Cuisinart. (Bonus: this is one of those gifts that you get to enjoy together anytime you pay dad a visit!)

For the tech-addicted, play smart, because chances are that the tech nerd in your father already has his eyes on the next thing to add to his gadget repertoire. Suss out dad’s preferences with some innocuous questions and figure out if it’s wireless earphones or a new TV on his mind. If nothing else comes to mind, it’s impossible to go wrong with Sonos One ($250): a fully functional, voice-controlled home sound system complete with an in-built Alexa by Amazon.

If your budget has less stretch than usual but you’d like to give your father a precious keepsake, it’s never a bad idea to invest in a quality tie, tie-pins or cuff-links. These are timeless accessories that most dads will need at least a couple of times moving forward. If your father is open to a little more style in his step, give Fitzy’s Black Leather Bow Tie ($40) a spin for the perfect middle ground between classic and contemporary.

For the regular outdoorsman, it might be a smart idea to check on his camping kit and figure out what needs replenishing: maybe the sleeping bag is looking a little worse for the wear, or perhaps the tent could be upgraded into something more spacious? If nothing comes to mind, however, a set of camp-ready dinnerware or even a single quirky piece like WKNDRSFORLIFE’s Hot Doggin’ Enamel Camp Mug ($26) will ensure that dad never goes camping again without taking a piece of you with him.

Big spenders, this is your time — if your cup runneth over with love for dad this year, it’s almost impossible to do better than a timepiece. If you really are flush with dough, you could choose to go with a sparkling Tissot or a Rolex, but otherwise, understated elegance is always an option too, with Komono’s Winston Regal Watch ($120).

For the perma-exec dad, the perfect gift is one that folds into their lifestyle while inserting a brand new facet of convenience. This could be a fancy leather briefcase or those wireless Apple earphones everyone is purchasing these days, or it could be a hyper-utilitarian and super stylish man purse, such as this Heathrow Commuter Bag by Want Les Essentiels ($297). This sleek bag easily holds everything from a laptop, tablet, newspaper and cell phone and leaves enough room for a change of clothes or workout wear too.

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