5 Unique Gifts for Your Best Friend

Who needs more stuff, really? Give your friend the gift of your time. Experiential gifts can inspire, educate, and delight. They're not ones you can unwrap (and toss aside, or leave to collect dust in a bedroom), they're ones you experience, together. Here are 5 fun options. 

Workshop or lecture series
Give the gift of knowledge. Spread the wealth of intellectual stimulation and inspiration – that's a gift that truly keeps giving. Check out local colleges or universities, community centres or art galleries to see what workshops they've got scheduled, and rekindle or spark your friends' love for jewelry making, visual art, photography, philosophy …

Community theatre  
Inspire an artsy friend with tickets to a show. The beauty of theatre is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. You don't have to spend a bunch of money to see an amazing performance. Check out what kind of performances community theatre companies or schools have scheduled and make a night of it.

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A DIY walking tour of your friendship
Round up a group of friends and take your pal on a walking tour of all your favourite haunts – your go-to park, your favourite coffee shop, retail therapy spots, and patio. Designate a day of fun to your friendship! What could be better than a carefree few hours of antics and laughs?

Photo shoot
Head to a scenic locale and immortalize yourselves! And be as shameless or as ridiculous as you want. Photoshop your hearts out (we're talking added text, spray painted streamers, whatever strikes your fancy …) and print out copies for both of you. If you're crafty, make a scrapbook out of them as a beefed up birthday card.

A love letter
Seriously! Reminding your friend all the reasons she's wonderful in a letter that she can keep forever is a really awesome gift. We don't get the chance to tell our friends how much we love them enough. Their birthday or a special occasion is the perfect time for it.  Reminisce on your hilarious memories, thank her for the times she's been there for you, and tell her how strong and smart and bad ass she is. 

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