Packing List: Top Travel Must-Haves

I’ve always been a travel junkie. It could be that both my parents immigrated to Canada – my mom’s Italian and dad’s Indian. Travelling back to their homelands introduced me to other cultures, foods and traditions, and immediately I wanted to expand those experiences into more. In the photo (taken by my mom) above I am visiting the town in Italy where my parents were married, Asolo. It is hands down, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you HAVE TO GO THERE!

Here are some of the things I must have on each of my adventures:

1. Rimowa Luggage

Rimowa Luggage

To start you need a solid piece of luggage. On my most recent trip to Italy I travelled with a 32-inch Violet Rimowa. I am telling you… this bag was a dream. It was stuffed with 50 pounds of who-knows-what-I-bought and it just glided like a feather through the airport. I could not say enough good things. Definitely my top travel must-haves!

2. Shan Bikini

Shan Swimwear is the ideal balance between fashion and comfort. Their bathing suits are manufactured using a very meticulous process and they fit to perfection. Their suits hug your body and flatter every curve. Plus, the quality is remarkable and it will last you a lifetime. My fave: Their Reflexion demi-bust with underwire and adjustable straps. Did I mention they're made in Canada?

3. Roll-On Perfume

Marc Jacobs Rollerball Oh, Lola Perfume Bottle

It is tempting to stuff your perfume bottle in your luggage, but the likelihood of it making it through the long trip isn’t guaranteed. Pick up your fave scent in a rollerball size (Sephora has a huge selection) and carry it with you to keep sweaty body odours (from those long walks through Rome, Manhattan or wherever you’re going) at bay.

4. Blister Band-aids

Blister Band Aids

Speaking of walking… Getting a blister is bound to happen. Whether you’ve decided to break in your brand new sandals while walking through The Grove in Los Angeles or went too crazy in your stilettos at the disco in Mykonos, treat your feet with some blister cushions. You’ll thank me later. 


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