A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: Week Two, Joining a Running Group

I am in the second week of my hot summer body challenge and I am feeling great! I’ve adopted a healthier diet and begun to feel more energetic and motivated. In fact, I am so inspired that I decided to join a running group. The group meets every Monday after work and runs 5 kilometres downtown Toronto.  I’ve pretty much never ran a mile in my life. I am more of a walker. So, this is an entirely new experience for me. The leader of our group is personal trainer, and my guide through these next ten weeks, Lara Marq. She’s given me a few tips to help me jump start my new running routine:

1. Invest in good gear

A good pair of proper running shoes will help you avoid injury and will improve your running form. Get a size that’s a half an inch longer than what you normally wear so you have some breathing room. Make sure to give them a test run too. Don’t be afraid to take a lap around the store to see if they are comfortable. Studies say that special shock-absorbing running shoes are no different than other ones. So, no need to splurge on the latest trendy shoe.

2. Pace yourself

Don’t overdo it on your first run. I am joining a group that is for beginners. We will be running for 2-4 minutes and then walking for 1-2 in our first few runs until we all build the endurance for longer distances.

3. Hydration

Be sure you are drinking plenty of water on the day of your run. But, don't cram it in all immediately before or during your run to avoid cramping. During your run you can take small sips and once it is over, that’s when you should be hydrating the most.

4. Stretch

Before you begin your run, warm up by taking a brisk walk or by swinging your legs back and forth, side to side. This is called ballistic stretching and it is for when your muscles are not yet warmed up and relaxed enough to do static stretching. However, after your run you can do you static stretches. Focus on hamstrings and calves. Hold your stretch for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat three times.

Want to join our running group? Contact Lara Marq for details at www.liftstudio.ca. If you are not in the Toronto area, you can start your own running group. Find a few friends with the same fitness goals as you and begin meeting up at the same place and time every week. The group will keep each other accountable and the company will make exercising more fun! 

Stay tuned to my 10 week challenge by following my progress on our @29Secrets Instagram

A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: 


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