A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: Week Three, Staying Motivated

I am in my third week of my hot summer body challenge. I’ve improved my diet and joined a running group. But, how do I keep committed to this new lifestyle and avoid straying from my meal plan and workout schedule? It isn’t easy. Here are few things I’ve learned so far that keep me motivated:

Write a blog about it!

Sharing my journey with all of our readers has definitely been a motivator for staying on track and keeping me accountable. What will these ten weeks be without a rocking photo of my summer body when it is done?

Have friends join your journey

The best part of joining the running group is the social aspect. Having friends working out with you makes it WAY more fun. Plus, having each other as a support system is essential. You are less likely to indulge or bail on working out if your friends are there to encourage you.

Set reminders

I have my iPhone set to remind me three times a day (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) to “Make a Healthy Choice”, as well as reminders to work out more than three times a week. I’ve posted the gym class schedule to my fridge, so that every time I reach for a snack, I am reminded of my goals.

Keep consistent

I find that if I let myself get too busy and have a long gap between work outs, I become less and less motivated to hit the gym. Making sure that I am committed to my schedule helps. Plus, if you wait too long between workouts, you find yourself back at square one each time, not seeing results or improving. When I feel like I performed better, that confidence boost makes me want to keep going.

Have any more tips for staying motivated? Leave a comment!

A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: 


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