A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: Week Seven, Hit the Spa

You may be wondering why I am talking about spa treatments when we should be focused on fitness and diet for this challenge. But, there are many spa services that can help enhance all the hard work you’ve put in to your summer body. Here are a few to try before heading to the beach.

Say Bye-Bye to Cellulite!

What and where? Lipomassage at Power Institute (79 St Nicholas St in Toronto)

How does it work? This is not surgery, it is a massage using a machine that helps reduce cellulite and fat while firming and toning. Lipomassage by Endermologie uses two mechanized rollers and suction to encourage lipolysis (fat burning within the fat cell). Plus, it prevents future cellulite formation! Sessions last 45 minutes each and are customized based on a consultation with the Power Institute’s certified Endermologist. I tried it and noticed an immediate change the areas around my hips and behind. It was much smoother and tighter after one session. For optimal results, your technician will prescribe you a treatment schedule that includes two sessions for week for a period of time.

Banish Stress and Soreness

What and where? Floating at H20 Float Spa (138 Danforth Ave in Toronto)

How does it work? This Hot Body Bhallenge has been tough. I’ve been working out more than ever before and that definitely takes a toll. Well, until I tried floating. At H20 Float Spa, you step into a tub that is filled with 1000 lbs of Epsom Salt. Then of course, you float! All the stress that is on your joints and your muscles instantly vanishes, because you’re weightless. Before you know it, you are completely physically and mentally relaxed. One hour of floating is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep. Once you are finished your session you come out feeling refreshed and calm. Any inflammation or stiffness in your joins is soothed, and any stiff muscles are loosened. In addition, your skin was exfoliated and you have amazing beach hair!

Silky Skin

What and where? Moroccan Spice Body Glow at Body Blitz Spa (471 Adelaide St W and 497 King St. East in Toronto)

How does it work? Get rid of all that leftover dry skin from the winter and start fresh with glowing summer-ready skin! This treatment starts off with a mud polish that combines argan oil, white clay, cinnamon, anise, and rice powder that is massaged into your skin. It is left to dry under infrared lamps while you receive a hand and foot massage with argan and grape seed oil. That is followed up with a rinse of warm chamomile tea. The tea is massaged into your skin and then the rest of your body is finished off with the argan and grape seed oil.

Ready for Bikini Season

What and where? The Brazilian at Waxon Waxbar (120 Adelaide St W and 1242 Yonge Street in Toronto)

How does it work? You don’t want to have to worry about fuzz while you are showing off your hot bikini body. Getting waxed is a summer essential. The reason I chose Waxon Waxbar is that you get the atmosphere of a high-end, trendy spa, but the prices are extremely reasonable and they even accept walk-ins. Not everyone has time to plan their Brazilians months in advance. A pool party invitation can spring up at any time and you have to be ready! 

A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: 

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