A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: Week Four, Fitness Classes That Get Results

It's already week four! I'm eating right, running weekly and staying motivated, but there is still more I can do. Lately, I've tried a few group fitness classes around the city and I've learned that I'll push myself more in these classes, than working out on my own. The reason I find group exercise effective is because when you’re working out with others, it is less likely you’ll slack off (it’s our competitive nature that makes us work harder!). That is why I've taken up a couple fitness classes a week to help get me closer to my goal. When it comes to choosing which classes to go to, I want to choose ones that will give me major results. After all, I only have 6 more weeks! Here are a few of my favourites in the Toronto area:

Strength Training –


Studio Lagree M3 Fusion Class (studiolagree.com)

Studio Lagree Lara Marq

Love Pilates? This class is taking the core exercise up ten notches. This high-intensity workout combines cardio, strength training and stretching for the perfect full-body workout. You’ll strengthen, tone and lengthen muscles. After my first few classes I had sore muscles I didn’t even know existed before! My personal trainer, and the genius who has helped me formulate this 10-week challenge, Lara Marq, is one of the studio’s trainers. I recommend taking her classes because she's great at motivating you (when you think you can’t continue she finds a way to give you that extra boost of energy) and her playlists are THE BEST. Also, Lagree has recently added StudioKO, a box-fit class that promises to knock you into shape.


788 King Street West, Toronto, ON
435 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON


Barre Burn at Equinox (www.equinox.com/clubs/bayst)

Barre Burn Equinox with Eva Redpath

Who doesn’t want a dancer’s body? Seriously! Eva Redpath’s Barre Burn class aims to slim your hips, tighten your thighs and give you a butt lift. YES! Utilizing ballet movements, toning exercises and core training, you truly feel like you’ve got a complete workout. Eva is a Nike Master Trainer and women’s fitness expert. You’ll hate her during the workout, but LOVE her after. Plus, Equinox’s facilities are top-notch. Their cold eucalyptus towels are a good enough reason alone to go to the gym.

Location: 199 Bay Street, Toronto, ON


Cardio –


Hard Candy Fitness Addicted to Sweat: Cardio Dance (hardcandyfitnesstoronto.com)

Addicted to Sweat Hard Candy Fitness

The Addicted to Sweat program was created by Madonna and her long time personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer. When I interviewed Winhoffer at the gym’s opening in Toronto she told me that she uses the choreography from Madonna’s tour in their dance-inspired classes. So just imagine you are dancing on stage with the queen of pop. So fun you’ll forget you are working out.

Location: 382 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON


Quad Spin Class (www.quadspin.com)


I was always so intimidated by spin class. For some reason I thought you had to be super fit to take it. But, spin is for everyone. You can adjust the tension on your bike to low if you are a beginner or high if you are a pro. I’ll get in the zone and pretend I’m cycling through the winding roads in Northern Italy. Burning calories is easy during this workout. You’ll sweat and see the benefits before you know it!  


580 King Street West, Toronto, ON
672 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON
477 Speers Road, Oakville, ON


A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: 


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