A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: Week Five, Tips for Eating Healthy at Restaurants

You are doing so well following your new healthy diet and then what happens? You go out to a pub with your friends and you see a delicious gourmet burger and fries on the menu! How could you say no? It is a special occasion after all… right?! Wrong! You are going to undo everything you’ve worked for these past five weeks. This is what I’ve had to tell myself time and time again. So, here are a few tips from my fitness trainer, Lara Marq, that will hopefully set me straight:

1. Choose a Balanced Meal – Find something on the menu that gives you protein, complex carbs and good fat. For example, a salad with avocado and chicken. 

2. Have the Sauce on the Side – Don’t waste all your calories on the sauce. Request to have it on the side so you can control how much is necessary. The same goes for salt. Ask that they leave your dish unsalted, and you can add what you need using the table salt.

3. Always Opt for Grilled Instead of Fried – Yes, fried calamari is delicious, but grilled can be just as satisfying and much healthier.

4. Swap the Bread for Veggies – Many restaurants will give you a basket of bread while you wait for your food. Kindly ask that they bring you veggies to snack on instead.  

5. Split Your Dessert – If you absolutely have to have that chocolate cake, split it with the person or group you are at dinner with. You still get to have your cake and eat it too, but your portion will be smaller!

6. Restaurant Choice is Key – Choosing a place to eat that has a nutritious menu makes it easy to stay on track. Some of Lara’s favourite healthy restaurants in Toronto are Tabule on Queen Street West, Live in Liberty Village and Mocha Mocha on the Danforth.

Bon appetit!

To learn more about Lara Marq’s personal training services, visit www.liftstudio.ca.

A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: 


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