Halloween Cocktail: Bone Shaker Martini

Make your Halloween bash one to remember with this delicious cocktail recipe. 29Secrets is giving away a one year supply of Nesfruta (click HERE to enter), a zero calorie liquid water enhancer made with fruit juice, and the recipe below shows you a unique way to use it in a cocktail:

Halloween cocktail

Bone Shaker Martini

Step One: Add black food colouring to the water in your ice cube trays and freeze in advance.

Step Two: In a martini glass mix together;

·         1 oz. Vodka

·         1 oz. triple sec

·         3 oz. water

·         2 Squeezes of Orange Peach Mango NESFRUTA

Step Three: Add ice cubes and garnish with a creepy crawly gummy candy.

Halloween Cocktail Glasses.jpg

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