Why Your Man Needs His Own Products

He’s probably been sneaking your moisturizer for a while now (Sorry dude, the lavender scent is a dead giveaway), but it probably isn’t doing his skin justice. With the men’s grooming market growing every day, now is the perfect time to introduce him to a few products made specifically for his unique, but still very masculine, needs. Here’s what these well-known brands are doing to make their men’s products appealing to even the lowest maintenance guy in your life.

The Formula

Because of higher testosterone levels, men’s skin is generally oilier than women’s, despite the smaller oil glands. This can make them more susceptible to acne related issues. Cleansers and moisturizers with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are great for fighting acne. Clinique’s line of face wash for men offers options for every skin type and takes into consideration that men cleanse in preparation to shave. Clinique also offers a range of shaving products from shave gel, to after shave, which will leave skin smooth and clean.

Dove also has a line of deodorant specifically for men that offers 48-hour protection and uses a formula which is 1/4 moisturizer and therefore isn’t hard on skin.

The Packaging

A lot of beauty products have traditionally been marketed towards women, but brands are realizing that if they want to attract more male customers they have to make their packaging appeal to them. With darker colours, and no-nonsense product names, brands are creating lines that any guy would be proud to purchase. Fruits & Passion’s men’s line goes the classy, masculine route with F/P Homme.

Men’s lines by Dove, Clinique, and L’Oreal all use darker colours and simple, classic designs that appeal to men’s attraction to the functional and practical.

The Fragrance

Most guys don’t want to smell like a bouquet of roses, but that’s what ends up happening when they reach for the body washes and moisturizers that have typically dominated the market. Now brands like Dove Men+ Care have a generous selection of scented products that men will love.

Fruits & Passion’s F/P Homme offers Eau de Toilette sprays for when cologne is too heavy, but the typical “clean” smell isn’t enough. Now there are a lot more great smelling options for guys in between “showered” and “doused in cologne.”

The Versatility

A lot of men aren’t willing to add much time to their grooming routine. They want something that is quick and easy but effective. Enter multipurpose products like the combined body and face washes from Dove Men+ Care. Instead of cluttering up the shower with a different bottle for each body part, guys can get clean all over with just one bottle or a single bar of soap.

L’Oreal’s Men Expert line offers some after shave/repairing balms that are great for the guy who goes for a clean shave. An after shave that moisturizes all day long is perfect for guys who don’t want to deal with a lot of different products. Their anti-aging products offer multiple benefits as they work to smooth wrinkles, moisturize, brighten, refirm skin and depuff face.

Packing as many benefits as possible into one step is essential for men with busy lives, and will make it easier to make skincare a priority.

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