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With the economy in a slump, we’re all looking for ways to save money”and beauty products are often the first victims of a tighter budget. But you don’t have to sacrifice looking great in the name of a healthy bank balance. Here are some household items you probably have lying around that will do double beauty duty!

Hair care 

Repair damage: Use egg yolks or olive oil for deep conditioning. Just apply to damp hair, put on a shower cap and wrap your hair with a warm towel. After about five minutes, wash gently and style as usual.

Tame flyaways: Dryer sheets will tame static and flyaways while making your hair smell great. They’re especially handy when you don’t have time for a shampoo, or to freshen up your locks when you’ve been in a smoky bar or greasy restaurant that’s left a funky odour.

Create curls: You can use paper towels for hair rollers, using more or less sheets for bigger or tighter curls. Just roll damp hair and then blow dry.

Save your colour: If you’ve spent too much time in chlorinated swimming pools, tomato juice will take out that weird green tinge from your hair. Just pour a can of tomato juice over your hair, wrap it in a towel for ten minutes, and then wash it out. No need for fancy clarifying shampoos.

Remove build-up: You can make your own clarifying shampoo by adding a tablespoon of baking powder to your regular shampoo.

Nail care

Remove stains: Use toothpaste to scrub away stains from yellow nails. Or try lemon juice”just cut a lemon in half and rub over your nails.

Speed dry: Cooking spray can be used in place of quick-dry drops for your manicure. Just spray your nails to put on a protective coat and keep them from getting nicks and bumps.

Skin care

Eliminate shine: Toilet paper is just as effective at removing shine in your T-zone as those fancy little blotting sheets.

Zap oil: Got oily skin? Whisk an egg white with some lemon juice and apply to your face for about 10 minutes. It will leave your complexion squeaky-clean and oil-free. Or mix one small packet of instant yeast with a little warm water, apply to your face and let it dry.

Smooth skin: You can make your own body scrub by combining olive oil with salt or sugar. Just place one cup of warm olive oil in a bowl and add sugar or salt until you like the consistency. If the smell is not appealing to you, add a bit of your favorite body wash or a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender.

Soften elbows: If you have rough, dry elbows, rub them with some lemon juice”it has great skin-softening properties and will also help lighten any dark areas.

Fight a blemish: Dab some toothpaste on a pimple before it breaks to shrink it overnight.


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