This Skin Treatment Is The Secret To Glass Skin

By Alison McGill

A crystalline, clear and poreless complexion is what’s known as ‘glass skin,’ which has become one of the highest order of #skingoals for all of us. This K-beauty term has been on our beauty radar since pre-pandemic times, but it’s become particularly buzzy in the past several months.

Smooth, dewy, and ultra-hydrated skin is absolutely achieved using the right products and skin care regime (double cleansing and nighttime exfoliation are essential), but to take things level up, consider enhancing your complexion’s radiance even with professionally administered injectable skin boosters which help to stimulate new collagen and elastin production.

“A beauty booster treatment delivers micro-injections of plumping medical grade hyaluronic acid gel directly into the skin,” says Veronica Rybarczyk, a skincare consultant and laser technician at AspireMD in St. Catharines. “It works wonders on skin that looks tired, dull, crepey or dehydrated; it helps to event out skintone, refine texture, plump fine lines and dark, drawn areas.”

Rybarczyk says a skin boosting treatment works beautifully à la carte or can be used in the mix with other injectables like Botox, and with exosomes and growth factors to further brighten and lift skin. Here are a few other things to know about beauty boosters according to Rybarczyk.

Treatments are minimally invasive

A beauty booster treatment is very similar to micro needling. Rybarczyk uses a V2 Injector device equipped with teeny tiny needles to deliver the hyaluronic acid gel into the top layer of the dermis. “This treatment is not painful as much as it can feel a little uncomfortable for some people,” Rybarczyk shares. “I always prep the skin with a numbing cream to make sure it’s a pain free and pleasant experience for everyone.” There is no downtime post-treatment but because you are puncturing the dermis you may experience redness and minimal swelling over the next 24 hours.

It can take a few weeks to see full results

Unlike dermal fillers, skin boosters take a minute to kick in as your body begins to produce increased levels of collagen and elastin. To achieve peak levels of skin perfection, Rybarczyk recommends signing on for a trio of beauty booster sessions booked one month apart. “From there you can maintain results with treatments booked every three months.”

There are a few things to prep for a beauty booster treatment

Prior to your session, step up your water intake so your skin is plumped and well hydrated. Because your skin is being punctured, you also want to side-step anything that can increase inflammation and bleeding. Avoid medications like Aspirin and Ibuprofen, as well as alcohol. This will ensure a quicker recovery.

Beauty booster treatments are not just for the face

“I always include the neck and chest as part of a session,” Rybarczyk says. “The beauty booster can be done anywhere on the body minus the delicate eye area. What I love so much about the treatment is not just how much it softens and smooths skin, but how it can be used to prevent the signs of aging.” As with all modern skin treatments, it’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive.

The cost for beauty booster treatments can vary

A single treatment typically starts from $600. A package of treatments not only is typically better priced it also guarantees maximum beauty booster efficacy.

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