Product Of The Week: Doll 10 Smooth Assist Restorative Sleep Treatment

Let me tell you about last night. I went to bed with Doll 10’s Smooth Assist Sleep Treatment soaking into my skin. I have zero morning-after regrets, too. My face looks bright, dewy, plump (in a good collagen way) and I swear the deep line between my eyebrows appears, well, less deep. Sleeping with Smooth Assist is not going to be a one-time thing.

Fact is I’m not ready for Botox. Emotionally that is. My face has been begging for it for about a decade. But despite my fantasies of ageless (and poreless if I’m being perfectly honest) skin, the fear of having stiff, stuck, crazy-looking eyebrows and no way to express my emotions scares me, so I go back to day dreaming while avoiding my crow’s feet in the mirror and cursing the aging process. At least that was my routine until last night. Now, thanks to this new treatment’s infusion of aloe vera extract, rose of Jericho and hyaluronic acid, I woke up with healthy, hydrated and I kid not, younger-looking skin.

Normally I’m wary of anti-aging skincare claims, because the second I wash my face it seems like all of the wrinkle-free benefits swirls down the drain. And yet this morning, even after I stepped out of the shower, my face still looked good, radiant even. I’m chalking it up to the treatment’s smooth assist technology that acts like Botox combined with it’s gel-based delivery system that helps the formula absorb quickly, creating a natural barrier to lock moisture in while leaving a softer-feeling exterior with minimized pores, fines lines and discoloration. Not a bad way to get your glow on.

And the added bonus, Sleep Assist has been tested over and over again on humans (not our furry friends), so not only is it clinically proven, it has also been thoughtfully mix-mastered by doctors.

Doll 10 Smooth Assist Restorative Sleep Treatment, $65, available online at

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  1. Avatar
    • Sharon Roberts
    • August 26, 2020

    When will Doll 10 smooth assist restorative sleep treatment be back in stock. I love that. Please let me know.

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