Not Your Standard’s Kayla Seah Shares Her Favourite Japanese Beauty Rituals

Fresh from a whirlwind trip to Japan with Contiki tours, blogger Kayla Seah shares with us some of the most unique beauty tips she learned during her travels.

29Secrets: You travel quite a lot for your blog Not Your Standard, what are some of the essentials you pack in your makeup bag?

Kayla Seah: La Mer eye cream is always in my makeup bag, it’s my saviour for puffy travel eyes.

La Mer Eye Cream


I always bring face masks with me when travelling; I usually put one on right when I get to my hotel to add some fresh glow to my skin.

I bought the Pola Red BA night cream while I was in Japan and it has become one of my favourites in my skin care routine. It has a mix of lotus root extra and plant proteins that does wonders for your skin.

29: While visiting Japan, did you learn any new beauty tips from the locals?

KS: I learned that one could never drink too much tea. The Japanese women love their matcha green tea. Matcha powder is filled with antioxidants and the women believe it to brighten complexion and provide a nice glow to the skin.


A lot of Japanese beauty products have placenta in them. It’s a bit strange to wrap your head around at first but the more I tried them out, the more I understood why this was such an important ingredient in beauty products. It’s known to be at the top of the list for anti-aging and it boosts collagen in your skin. I now swear by Japanese facial masks.


29: When in Japan, what beauty boutiques should we look out for?

K: Honestly, the general drug stores in Japan are pretty great. Most of the high quality products can be found in them.

Isetan Shinijuku in Tokyo “ not a boutique but it’s one of the country’s best department stores. I loved the beauty floor here!


29: What spa treatments did you try while in Japan and what did you think of them?

K: I was fortunate enough to travel through Japan with Contiki on their Japan Unrivalled trip. While we were in Hakone, they brought us to this incredible resort called Yunohana Prince Hotel where we were able to experience the hot springs. The bathing ritual allows toxins to be released from your body and really helped with my aches and pains I had from extensive travelling that month.

Yunohana Prince Hotel

29: What was your most memorable experience while traveling in Japan?

KS: I fell in love with Tokyo. It is such a unique city to experience; the Japanese have created an atmosphere that is the perfect balance of tradition with the modern world.

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