The Beauty Loot That Turns Your BF Into a Thief

Does your boyfriend ever question your need for six shampoos and expresses utter bewilderment at the sheer number of mascaras you own? You know the feeling: while beautifying for a date with your guy/ your girls, he teasingly picks up your Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Foundation Primer and wonders aloud in disbelief, Why are you putting this green, slippery stuff all over your face?!

Trying to explain the importance of primer and the colour wheel which allows the green-tinted formula to cancel out any redness is an exercise in fruitlessness; he may very well never understand the need for Smashbox’s ever-important step one. But if your boyfriend is clever and well groomed, he may simply just be trying to throw you off: how could he possibly know who used all your Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Soap when he doesn’t even know what the hell that is?

With our very official research and polling, we’ve rounded up the beauty products that your boyfriend will most likely love so much he’ll steal, whether he admits it or not. Hint: his gorgeously scented hair will be the dead giveaway.

ShuSu Sleek Smoothing Shampoo, $46 and Conditioner, $56


Men don’t typically treat their hair as well as us ladies do, and that can mean their mane is more coarse, unruly, and generally more difficult to style and manipulate. This is why he will never switch back to his drugstore 2-in-1 after lathering up with the ultra luxurious, divinely scented and softening ShuSu Sleek Smoothing Shampoo. Its black cumin-enriched formula has an intoxicating, sensual scent and is paraben- and silicone-free, so his hair won’t be weighed down. When followed up with ShuSu Sleek Smoothing Conditioner, which deeply nurtures strands for an unbelievably smooth, frizz-free result, he’ll wonder how he ever managed to style his hair without this magic stuff.

Ké©rastase PARIS Ultime Elixir, $55


Once out of the shower, you’ll notice he’ll have likened to treating his damp strands with a pump of Ké©rastase PARIS’ Ultime Elixir for a few good reasons: it’s super easy for him to use, it delivers a beautifully shiny result that makes his hair stay put, and eliminates frizz on a hot summer day. Four precious oils, Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi, make up this Olé©o-Complexe, and keep his hair healthy and soft ” and perfect for your fingers to run through.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Liquid Fabric, $38 USD


Any girls out there dating a guy sporting a man bun? Lucky you! Let him in on a little secret: lightly spritz on Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair Liquid Fabric Mineral Spray to coax out and emphasize a sexy, undone surfer style/ Italian supermodel look. Never sticky, gritty or heavy, this mineral infused formula imparts that perfectly tousled look without appearing styled, which he’ll love because he doesn’t actually have to do anything. The moisturizing formula smooths frizzy flyaways, is humidity resistant and is a must have whether he lets his hair flow free or ties it up in that sought-after man bun.

Josie Maran Argan Exfoliating Cleansing Powder, $40


The likeliness of your boyfriend adopting a Korean-inspired fourteen-step skincare routine is slim to none, but the chances of him falling in love with Josie Maran’s genius powder exfoliator are more than probable. When poured into wet palms, this magic potion turns into a luxuriously creamy paste that can be used to polish skin and lips. Created with crushed Argan shells and rice powder, this scrub is gentle yet super effective and feels absolutely amazing to use. Throw in the fact it packs a potent natural punch of antioxidants and skin soothing and clearing ingredients and he’ll love how fresh his face looks as much as he’ll love scrubbing away daily grime.

Dermalogica Active Moist, $72

active moist_100ml (2)

Even if you’ve spent a small fortune buying your beloved his very own made for men moisturizer, it seems that time and time again he still reaches for yours. That is especially true if he has an inclination for a supremely lightweight, lightening quick to absorb, oil and scent free moisturizer, like Dermalogica’s Active Moist. He knows a good thing when he sees it, as this is pretty much the perfect moisturizer: it glides on comfortably and sinks in to reveal a healthy, hydrated, even-tone and textured complexion thanks to the addition of Silk Amino Acids and a unique combination of plant extracts that will make his skin beautiful and happy, fuss-free.

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