The Secret Behind “The Rachel”

Hey do you guys remember "The Rachel"? AKA the haircut that changed the aesthetic of everything we know and love and hold dear? Remember trying to get our own layers juuuuust right, while being painfully aware that in no way, shape, or form were we equipped to deal with a hairstyle like that since we were like, 10? (And what were we thinking trying to make it happen?)

Of course you do. 

Well it turns out that the magic behind the iconic Friends look can be chalked up to drugs. Yep: Jennifer Aniston's hairstylist, Chris McMillan, was totally stoned when he created the masterpiece.

"[He was] loaded when he gave me the haircut," she told Graham Norton this week. "Stoned out of his mind. It's true! He didn't think about the fact, like, 'She's going to have to do this herself — I'm having a great time being creative with this blowdryer.'"

So, Aniston was handed a round brush and a blowdryer and nothing else. (So, yes: it was a personal nightmare we have all individually endured.) This is why the look only lasted about one season, and also why she probably doesn't have the hairstyle again now — even with normcore in mind. (Because if any time calls for "The Rachel" to come back, it's during our mid-nineties revival.) 

Also, we can admit: out of all the nineties hairstyles, The Rachel is way too high-maintainence for any of us. (Give me Claire Danes' My So-Called Life look any day, thanks.) Although for the record: McMillan is still Aniston's stylist. Which is obviously amazing.

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