Skin Care Products You Need To Have

Between the UV rays and the harshness of autumn, our skin goes through some serious stress. Luckily, cosmetic technology has led to innovations in skin care that provide far more than a little TLC. Here are the skincare products you need to have, and why they’re going to benefit you.

What: Moisturizer with SPF

We shouldn’t have to remind you how necessary sunscreen is (and that without it, you’re causing long term, irreversible damage), but to further drive home the importance of SPF-based moisturizers, we can tell you that without protection against UVA and UVB, you risk leathery skin that will make you look older “ or develop into skin cancer. But if you’re worried about oiliness or moisturizer causing breakouts, brands like Neutrogenia offer light-as-air options that prevent pores from clogging up “ which blocking out harmful environmental factors.

Try: Aveeno Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, $15.99

 Aveeno Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30


What: Lip Scrub

While lipsticks have come a long way since their initial introduction, it seems that regardless of how moisturizing they claim to be, many of us are stuck with dehydrated pouts upon the day’s end. And while mixing gloss and a lipstick can allude to moisture, unless you’re treating your lips daily, they’re in for a world of hurt. Luckily, lip scrubs “ that work like a body or face scrub “ help obliterate dry skin and keep colour looking its best. Applied before you put lipstick on, they help lock in moisture so that you’re not left feeling chapped.

Try: Lush’s Sweet Lips Lip Scrub, $8.95

Lush's Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
What: Under-eye circle/puffiness remover

Most of us have accumulated a fair set of bags under our eyes from late nights and early mornings. And with our number of days spent indoors set to increase (thanks to the weather), our paler skin will only draw more attention to our badges of honor, leaving most of us to look like Tim Burton characters over the knock-outs we are. Luckily, under-eye treatments help keep skin healthy and faces bright, and with only an application a day, you’ll take years off your face simply by soothing stressed skin with the likes of witch hazel and caffeine.

Try: First Aid Beauty’s Detox Eye Roller, $24

First Aid Beauty's Detox Eye Roller

What: Tea Tree Oil

The wonders of tea tree oil never cease, and thanks to our re-appreciation for all-natural products, using tea tree oil over more chemically based acne fighters creates healthier skin in the long run. Whether as part of your daily washing regimen or to combat blemishes here and there, tea tree kills the bacteria that causes breakouts, while balancing the natural oils essential to keeping your face glowing and fresh.

Try: The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil, $9

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil

Sympatico Image


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