Six Inspiring Hairstyles from the Contessa Awards

If you’ve been feeling uninspired by current hair trends, look no further than the winners of this year’s Contessa awards. This gala celebrates the most talented up-and-coming hairstylists from all over Canada, with categories that include excellence in extensions and colour. From soft cotton candy hues to vibrant fiery reds, you’ll be able to find inspiration for your new shade, as well as awesome avant-garde styles to covet. Let the winners from this year’s Contessas show you the way out of your hair rut with these six striking styles.

6 Looks from the Contessa Awards

(Clockwise from top left)

1.     Hair Extensions Artist – Frank Dicintio

2.     New Hairstylist – Cassandra Lounsbury

3.     Master Colorist – Lindie Blackwell

4.     Saskatchewan/Manitoba Hairstylist – Nikki Denatale

5.     Student/Apprentice Hairstylist – Jaelyn Walker

6.     Atlantic Hairstylist – Chelsea Sutherland

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