Your Guide to Foundation Formulas

Finding the right makeup base is the beauty product equivalent to finding that lucky dress “ it fits every time and makes everything else around it look amazing. But with the over-abundance of choice out there, how do you pinpoint the product that’s right for you? We take you through the steps to getting that flawless face.

1. The Right Texture
One of the hardest parts of finding the right foundation is choosing the texture that matches your skin type. Think about what kind of coverage you need and whether your skin tends to get dry or oily, before picking from one of these options:

Tinted Moisturizer: Best if you require only a barely-there level of coverage and just want something for the rest of your makeup to stick to.
Recommended for:
Clear complexions.

Liquid Foundation: Fuller coverage, but not enough concentrated colour to cover up more major skin blemishes and discolourations. On the upside, it blends like a dream and is less likely to highlight flakey skin if you’ve got a dry complexion.
Recommended for:
Complexions that are clear from acne but need to be evened out, dry skin types.

Powder Foundation: A great option if you don’t require much coverage, but do have oily skin. There’s no point adding another layer of makeup if you don’t need it “ just head straight for the two-in-one foundation/powder option.
Recommended for:
Clear complexions, oily skin types.

Mineral Foundation: Could be worth trying if you have sensitive skin or suffer from redness. These products often contain fewer ingredients than traditional formulas so could be less likely to trigger skin irritation. One downside “ they may not blend well if you have dry skin.
Recommended for:
Sensitive skin, oily or combination skin types.

Cream-to-powder/Mousse/Gel-to-powder: These foundation types essentially all offer the same thing “ a smooth, blendable product with great coverage for hiding blemishes and camouflaging uneven skin tone. With some heavy foundations, you have to worry about getting stuck with that goopy look, but a formula that transforms to powder will keep your makeup looking effortless.
Recommended for:
Blemished skin.

2. The Right Colour
You may have found the perfect product, but all that searching is in vain if you don’t bother to get the right shade. If you’re shelling out for a department store brand, it’s well-worth it to ask the assistant at the counter to provide you with a sample. Trying a colour on in the store is helpful, but seeing the colour in natural light, at home, and in your office is even better. You may also need to forget the idea that you only need one foundation shade year-round “ even the most dutiful sunscreen-wearers may find that they need a slightly darker foundation shade in the sunny summer months, and a lighter shade for the dead of winter.

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