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Over 20 years? Me too. Keep reading, because when I tell you that beautiful skin isas easy as one, two, three, you need to believe me. Why? Well, as a beauty editor and writer for more than a decade I have tried and tested everything and as a result, I know which ingredients work and how well. Plus, I have never-the-same skin from one day to the next (minus the fact that it’s aging), so I tend to rotate a small department store’s worth of products on my face all the time. And eight weeks ago, I added three more. The only difference is, since I’ve started using them, I haven’t had to depend on anything else.

They are Rodan + Fields Recharge 3-step regime and this Super Cleanser (step 1), Ultra Boost Moisturizing Treatment (step 2) and Protect + Blur Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen have changed my complexion for the good and I can’t stop telling people about it.

For starters, as I noted before, I’m over the age of 20, you know, the time when natural collagen, hydration and antioxidants like glutathione start depleting and all you’re left with is sagging skin, dullness, fine lines and crow’s feet. Sure, it doesn’t happen overnight, but this particular slippery slope is super hard to combat alone, especially when you consider the forces we’re up against, like birthdays, the sun’s harsh UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays, pollution, blue light from screen time, dirt, crappy eating habits (don’t even try to deny that you eat chips and chocolate at least once a month), DNA and more and soap and water with a squirt or two of whatever cream is lying about doesn’t cut it any more. Dermatologist inspired, power ingredients do though and Recharge is full of them.

Throughout the line, nutrient-rich super vitamins and a new technology based on the antioxidant glutathione all work to protect against environmental aggressors and maximize your dermis’ overall health. The brand’s unique blend of additional antioxidants (stress and environment busters), electrolytes (hydrators), peptides (one of my favourite skincare heroes; reduces redness and inflammation which lead to wrinkles), super fruits (to nourish) and prebiotics (to balance and condition) are also included. Thank goodness too, because they’ve improved my skin’s texture and appearance and keep it hydrated, healthy and youthful looking.

The regime is really easy to follow as well. The kind people at Rodan + Fields have listed numbers on each of the line’s products so that your one, two, three is literally fool/too- many-cocktails/sleep-deprived/the-cleaning-lady-reorganized-my-bathroom-clutter proof.

Step 1 is the Super Cleanser that multitasks as an exfoliator, so that when you lather up you know you’re eliminating makeup, dirt, oil, grime, sweat, pollution and everything else from your pores. Sulfate free, your skin will look and feel clearer, more vibrant and softer. Step 2 is the Ultra Boost Moisturizing Treatment. Its formula is gel-based so it’s weightless and absorbs quickly, working hard all day long to ensure your skin is hydrated and glowing. Step 3 is the Protect + Blur Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen, which doubles as a makeup primer, blurring and minimizing fine lines and pores into smooth perfection. It’s 100 per cent oil free and non-comedogenic so there are no worries of breaking out into unwanted spots.

But probably my favourite thing about this new line is the truth behind it. The brand’s clinical studies stated that after eight weeks of daily application, users described their skin as more radiant and supple with smaller, less visible pores. My eight weeks have just passed and I have to admit, I can say the same. This is honestly one skincare line that’s as easy peasey as one, two three and that means it’s a keeper for me.

Rodan + Fields Recharge Super Cleanser, Ultra Boost Moisturizing Treatment and Protect + Blur Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen, $156 available online at


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