Product Of The Week: Mighty Patch Original

We’ve all had an unexpected pimple situation pop up, and we’ve all attempted to deal with them by using harsh over-the-counter creams, doctor-prescribed topicals and maybe even some pretty questionable at-home acne-treatment tactics. But, thanks to a little skincare innovation, you can now stick it to those pesky trouble spots—literally.

Meet the gentle (yet super-effective) pimple patches from Hero Cosmetics, created especially for when your skin is acting up. The award-winning Mighty Patch Original patches are small, adhesive medical-grade hydrocolloid bandages that can shrink the look of whiteheads, by drawing out pimple gunk and providing a barrier to help prevent picking. Think of them like teeny translucent stickers (with a matte finish) that you simply apply over active whiteheads.

Designed to be worn at night, the stickers and their pimple-fighting ingredients suck the gunk out of your pimple while you sleep—so you can wake up to clearer-looking skin. The pimple patches can also be worn during the day to help provide camouflage if you are out and about, or any time that you have a pimple.

Best of all, they couldn’t be easier to use: simply start with a clean, dry face and apply the sticker, then peel off in the morning. The sticker helps support a healing environment by shielding the skin and visibly shows its working by turning white as it absorbs gunk. Plus, they are suitable for sensitive skin.

And good news! Hero Cosmetics—the company behind the best-selling Mighty Patch Original as well as Mighty Patch Invisible+: daytime blemish patch, Mighty Patch Nose: oil-absorbing nose patch, and Mighty Patch Surface: XL patch for bigger blemish areas—is finally available in Canada.

Hero Cosmetics innovative Mighty Patch Original patches come in packages of 24, 36 and 72; cost $14.99–$29.99; and are available across the country at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart stores, and online at

*This article was sponsored by Hero Cosmetics but the opinions are our own.

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