5 Secrets to Gorgeous Eyebrows

With celebs like Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins giving us brow-envy with their perfect sets, we can’t help but want to know more about scoring them for ourselves. Read on for five amazingly simple tips to gorgeous eyebrows.

1. Get a Brow Pencil

An eyebrow pencil can be your best friend. It’s ideal for filling in the holes we naturally have in our eyebrow lines and can help you achieve the full look you’re lusting after this season. Always opt for a shade that blends in as closely as possible to your natural colour and use the pencil sparingly. It’s best for filling in edges and corners and gives the brows ultra-precise definition.

2. Invest in a Brow Kit

If you have trouble shaping your brows yourself, worry no more. There are loads of brow kits to choose from at Sephora alone! These kits are equipped with stencils to help you pluck to perfection. They also come with powders and liners that can help you give your brows a much more defined look.

3. Apply Brow Gel

This is an especially great tip for women with curly-haired eyebrows. These unruly hairs can make good brows go bad quickly. A clear brow gel will help keep your wild brows in place all day long and give them a near-perfect look. Ever wondered how the celebs always have perfectly tame brows? This makeup tip helps them look that way. The best part? It’s a totally budget-friendly way to score perfect brows.

 4. Pluck Strays Regularly

Don’t wait until your brows have turned into a bushy mess before you to pick up a pair of tweezers or reach for the wax. When too much hair grows back, it’s very easy to lose the brow line you want and then over-pluck. Instead, pluck strays regularly to keep your core brow line visible and in tact.

5. Apply Eyeshadow to the Brow Bone

Accentuating the brow bone with a light, shimmering shade of eyeshadow is a great way to accentuate the brows. It makes the brow line appear more defined and allows them to stand out more. It’s also a great way to hide the stray hairs on the brow bone which can affect the entire look of your brows.

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