3 Eyeliners That Won’t Budge in the Heat

If you feel totally naked without eyeliner and don’t want to forego your signature cat eye because of a lil ˜ol heat wave, this round-ups for you. Here are our favourite eyeliners that will outlast even the sweatiest days of #SummerSixteen.

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Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($25)

Kat Von D

After hearing all the hype and hoopla, we decided to finally put this liner through the ringer by wearing it to the beach on a 38-degree day then wearing it in the shower after all was said and done. It did not disappoint. The line was by no means perfect after spending some time splashing, but we were impressed it didn’t all disappear. Oil-based makeup remover is the only way to get this stuff off.

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