Product Of The Week: COLAB Dry Shampoo

You’ve got to give it to a dry hair shampoo that literally has the word “love” scrawled across it’s slender cylinder container. Subliminal or overt messaging, you choose, it’s persuasive and it got me to try COLAB’s Original Dry Shampoo.

A bit of a connoisseur since I use dry shampoo every single day to give my style oomph, COLAB’s “love” version is pretty great. It spritzes on easily and evenly, which is key so that one area of my hair isn’t bigger or pouffier or cleaner looking than the rest. There’s also no gross white residue so add another checkmark. I may have blonde hair, but I can still see the white streaks or in this case, happily not see them. And its scent isn’t overpowering, just fresh and clean and barely there.

COLAB also has a pretty cool story. The brand was created by a group of British beauty insiders, one of whom is a blogger and quite frankly, that gives it street cred for me. After all, when you’re a beauty writer and editor and I am, you test run everything. It’s clear these pros did their homework, because this is one product that will remain on my bathroom shelf for a long time. It actually does what it says it will and for that, I “love” it.

COLAB Original Dry Shampoo, $7.99, available at Rexall drugstores.

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