Facial Cheat Sheet: Rodan + Fields Pore Cleansing MD System

Rodan + Fields just launched a revolutionary new at-home pore cleansing/blackhead extraction tool and we can’t get over it.

The new Pore Cleansing MD System, $303, allows users to suck out blackheads and any bacteria, excess oil and debris out of their pores, giving a clearer, healthier and more radiant-looking complexion after just one use. This tool is a professional-level, deep pore cleansing system designed to remove clogged pores and stubborn blackheads from the comfort of your own home and it’s one satisfying experience.

It’s a two step process: apply the Pore Prep Solution, a liquid exfoliator that loosens up the pores that are clogged with bacteria, oils and debris. The prep solution contains essential ingredients such as glycerin, salicylic and lactic acid to work on congested areas before using the tool. Then, you choose from which interchangeable tip you’ll need.

The Pore Cleansing Tip – For clogged, congested pores. This tip provides precise amount of suction and pressure to extract dead skin cells, excess oils and debris. It’s recommended to use this once a week in the T-zone area for a deep clean.

Blackhead Removal Tip – For stubborn blackheads. This tip uses a dual-force, spring-action mechanism for precise suction and pressure to target hard-to-remove blackheads. It’s recommended to use this as needed all-over face (avoiding lip and cheek areas) for stubborn blackheads.

The single-use tips have to be discarded after each use — once you see all the gunk in the tip after each use, you’ll want to toss it out stat.

As someone with combination skin, especially prone to oily T-zones, this product is a life-saver. Once a week I use this tool for getting rid of the dead skin and bacteria clogging the pores. Also, seeing all the gunk extracted, feels super satisfying.

It’s like having a mini-facial at home every other week, without splurging at the spa. The skin feels super fresh and radiant. I didn’t notice any redness either, but I don’t usually tend to get red after treatments.

I would definitely recommend the Deep Pore Cleansing MD System. It’s great value for your money and your pores will thank you.

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