7 Celebrities Who’ve Perfected the Braided Updo

Anyone can put their hair in a bun, but it takes a real pro to pull off a braided updo. Not only is it the most challenging hairstyle with the most variations, it takes someone with true style to carry it well.

Here are a few of our favourite celebrities who’ve rocked a braided hairstyle. 


Drew Barrymore's updo is a series of braids wrapping around her head and then loosened for a relaxed style. 

Drew Barrymore Braided Updo

Minka Kelly's hairstylist added charm to her look by attaching a piece of jewellery into the braid. 

Minka Kelly braided hairpiece

Alicia Keys took her hair to new heights by gathering the hair up high and using extensions to add a voluminous braid. 

Alicia Keys braided updo

Katy Perry added some sparkle with gold leaf to her braided updo, which popped in her blueish-black hair. 

Katy Perry braids

Dianna Agron used a fishtail braid for an edgy red carpet updo.

Fishtail braid

Jennifer Lawrence, pre-cropped hair, wore this braided "milkmaid" look to a red carpet. 

Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica Alba's updo has two side braids and twists meeting in an elegant bun at the back of her neck. 

Jessica Alba


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