Tips for Going Darker With Your Hair Colour

The sun’s setting earlier, we’re starting to wear neutrals and tans are fading fast.  Meaning?  The lust for blonde highlights has worn off, and brunette’s becoming increasingly intriguing.  However, with so many colours, tones and brands at your disposal, to go about it properly can be slightly overwhelming.  That’s why we’ve given you the ultimate going darker hair colour tips “ so you can look like Angelina Jolie and not like poor girl’s equivalent.

Skin Tone

Because the dark hair moniker can include reds, browns, blacks and a combination of all three, to determine what complements your skin tone best can spell confusion.  If you’re of the paler persuasion, you may want to shy away from dark browns and blacks for fear of bringing out dark circles under your eyes, while if you’ve got a rosy complexion, you can go super-dark without fear of looking gothic.  However, dark red hair colour should be avoided if you’re hoping to play down a pinker skin tone “ like you wouldn’t wear red with a sunburn, you want to create a flattering contrast.

Seek Guidance

If you’re taking the plunge from a light shade to dark, it’s highly suggested you consult your hair stylist for a professional opinion.  When going from blonde to brown, it’s easy to walk away with a greenish tone if you’re not careful, and often it’s at the hands of colourists that such incidences can be prevented.  However, if you’re not in the market to pay a professional, seek out the associates at your favourite beauty shop “ they won’t be able to help you at home, but may steer you away from potentially dangerous colour combinations.

Lowlights versus Full Colour

When taking any beauty risk, you may want to think about the consequences before you commit to something permanent.  If you’ve been blonde or red your whole life, you may want to ease into a darker tone slowly to prevent the shock treatment every time you walk by a mirror.  (Not everyone can look like Carrie Bradshaw in the first Sex and the City film.)  Lowlights can still give your hair a pronounced darker look, but without the commitment of a full head of colour.  However, if you’re still ready and willing, semi-permanent shades fade over time “ so that way you can boldly take the risk without the growing out aftermath.

Have Fun

When it comes to changing your hair in any way, what ifs tend to prevail over all things fun.  That’s why with the help of stylists, colourists or beauty professionals, you’ll set yourself up for a positive experience that will result in an outpouring of compliments from everyone you know.  Sure, it may not work out “ but the beauty of hair colour is that it’s temporary and there’s always a fix.  (This coming from someone who accidentally gave herself bright blonde patches.)  Have fun, take risks and worst case scenario?  You laugh about it later after a trip to the salon.

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