Holy Grail of Makeup Removers: Valmont Cosmetics

Valmont Cosmetics’ new line of cleansing treatments is the Purity line which offers gentle, but highly effective products to eliminate any pollutants and removes even the most stubborn of makeup. There are nine different textures, and you can choose based on the kind of makeup you’ve worn. The products don’t just cleanse the skin, but actually purify it with probiotics, prebiotics and Swiss glacial spring water.

In its new line of cleansing treatments, Valmont targets the skin’s ecosystem by promoting a healthy and balanced microbiota and this is possible due to the Swiss glacial spring water and selected probiotics. The luxury products are well worth your time and  investment, evident after just a few days.

During the month of March, Valmont North America will give $2 for every product sold from their new Purity Collection to One Drop, an international non-profit organization focused on water initiatives.

Icy Falls
Light to Moderate Makeup
The jelly texture is massaged directly on to the skin and removes makeup, without leaving the skin dry. The skin is left supple and still hydrated. $195

Wonder Falls
Moderate to Heavy Makeup
For every woman who wants to go all out with her makeup routine (the full glam look) can now rest with ease, knowing there’s a solution to quickly dissolve the most stubborn makeup. The velvet creamy texture transforms into fine oil and all makeup and impurities start to disappear. $205


Bubble Falls
The foamy texture is a cleansing formula that leaves the skin clean, removing any and all dirt and residue. It’s more a cleanser, than a makeup remover. $90

For Light to Heavy Eye-Makeup
A dual-phase makeup remover — whether you’ve applied light eye makeup, or heavy-duty mascara. This product is also quite the formula if you have sensitive skin. $85

Aqua Falls
For Light to No Makeup
Makeup removal water for light makeup. This formula also doubles as a cleanser and toner, so if you’re not one to spend time rinsing and toning, this is the way to go. $115

Fluid Falls
For Moderate to Heavy makeup
This cream texture is one of the star products of the brand. The cleansing cream is a light emulsion removes all kinds of makeup and is also really recommended for dry skin users. $115


Vital Falls
This is the other half (or better half) of the Fluid Falls. This toner is best followed after the cleansing treatment. It softens the skin, and is best used following contact with tap water. $115

Face Exfoliant
This one’s a weekly scrub that truly leaves you with a second layer of skin. A massage cream with fine crystals, this velvety texture is a blessing for all skin types. A gentle exfoliant that works wonders, even for sensitive skin. $115

Purifying Pack
This cleansing and purifying luxury mask works best on combination skin. Even so, it doesn’t dry out the skin but leaves behind a glow. With black silt, green clay and seaweed extract, the formula is worth every extra dollar. The skin feels soft, supple and the matte complexion lingers for a few hours long after application. $185



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