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Now that winter’s finished ravaging our hair with harsh winds, dryness and the wonder of post-hat static, we’ve found ourselves in a season synonymous with dampness, humidity and a total disregard for continuity. But despite the trials and tribulations (and how tempting it is to cut your hair into a pixie), here’s how to keep your mane healthy so it can put up a fight. No length loss required.


Conditioner’s obviously a staple in your beauty regimen, but when it comes to maintaining texture, moisture and overall health, it’s important to pay close attention to the type of conditioner you’re using and to the degree in which you’re using it. Since most brands now make products designed specifically for certain types of hair, invest in a conditioner that’s tailored specifically for you “ and don’t be afraid to invest in brands you believe in. An example? Pureology offers a vegan alternative to both shampoo and conditioner, and due to its concentration requires only a small amount. However, brands like Pantene or L’Oreal contain excellent nutrients, but thanks to economy sizing may offer a little more bang for your buck.


You may think repair serums or conditioning masks are a ploy to ensure that the beauty industry remains booming, but thanks to brands like L’Oreal and Neutrogena, your ends can hold on a little longer if you can’t necessarily make it to the salon. Products like Rusk Thermal Serum also help maintain the lusciousness of healthy, well-hydrated hair “ especially if you’re one to utilize heat styling tools on a regular basis or embrace the likes of hairspray, hair gel or sculpting products.


While we’ve all learned how valuable frequent visits to the stylist are, it can seem daunting to drop in on a six week basis to ensure bona fide hair health. However, while dye jobs, intense styling and hair cuts can rack up a pretty penny, to have your ends looked after to prevent dryness or damage is crucial to maintaining healthy hair “ especially since blow dryers and hair straighteners inflict their wrath on a daily basis. And if you’re hoping to save money? Opt out of a shampoo and avoid the after-trim style. You may leave the salon with wet hair, but at least you can afford a great tip (and good karma).


Hair may seem like just another way of capping off the day’s look or staying trendy, but ultimate hair health is due to a body chock full of vitamins, nutrients and free of contaminants. For example, smoking will not only make your hair smell bad, but it will dry it out and dull its colour, while taking a Vitamin E supplement will increase circulation to the scalp and increase hair growth. As for other options? Avocado and foods with essential fatty acids will add to your hair’s texture, strength and general health, as a lively, good head of hair is the perfect way to determine just how healthy you are.

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