Growing Your Hair Out – the Right Way

Growing out your hair can be a very lengthy journey (pardon the pun). How many of you have insisted that you’re not cutting your hair, only to find that you leave the salon with a new bob hairstyle? Lusting over long locks is common and it’s easy to get discouraged along the way. For the average person, it takes at least a year to grow out six inches (about one-half inch growth per month). Here are some ways to make the process a little more bearable.

Add Ons
You can always get some help with wigs, hair extensions or clip-in ponytails. These are simply fun ways to experiment with your look along the way.

Growing out bangs is so frustrating. If you’ve really decided not to cut them this time, try pinning them to the side or on top of your head. Headbands are a lifesaver during this period.

Regular Trims
Although we know that hair grows from the roots, it’s still advisable to take care of the ends. Dead and split ends can ruin the overall look of your hair. Regular trims are a must.

Vitamins and Minerals
It’s recommended to take vitamins to keep your hair in a healthy state. A few good vitamins include B vitamins (especially B-6 and Biotin). Certain minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium are also excellent sources for ensuring healthy hair while it continues to grow.

Green and yellow vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, so in addition to promoting longer hair, it also encourages healthy skin and nails. Concentrating on lettuce, squash, spinach and other greens will ensure a glowing sheen. And because hair itself is a protein, it’s easy to understand that not getting enough protein in your diet will affect the overall state of your hair. Eating foods rich in protein will greatly improve your growing cycle.

Cutting out Bad Habits
Cut back, or better yet, eliminate smoking and you’ll exponentially increase your hair growth potential. Reducing your intake of caffeine and carbonated sodas is also suggested. Get plenty of rest at night. Hey, there really is something behind beauty sleep. And avoid hot water and other mechanical tools as much as you can.

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