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You know the drill: you finish the morning beauty routine, get to work and feel like a bona fide movie star “ only to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at lunch and utter a mix of both shock and blatant cursing.  That’s why we’ve assembled a list of cubicle-friendly beauty products, how to use them and what you need to help get you through the day.

Blotting Sheets

If you’re prone to an oily t-zone, you understand that while applying more powder may mask the problem, it essentially still adds to it.  That’s why keeping blot sheets on hand will diminish the sign while preventing you from mastering the cakey over-made look.  Books of 50 or more sheets are offered by Clean & Clear, The Body Shop and even Clinique, and you can pick them up for just under ten dollars.

Hand Sanitizer/Sanitizing Wipes

You may think anti-bacterial anything may have nothing to do with beauty products, but if you think about the surfaces you touch throughout the day (and how often your hands come into contact with your face), you’ll soon realize your cubicle’s a Mecca for germs and acne-causing agents.  Your phone and keyboard are covered in dirt, bacteria and oil, so to avoid phone-caused breakouts, wipe off the surfaces you touch every day “ chains like Bath & Body Works have great varieties of moisturizing hand sanitizer, while Purell has mastered the everyday wipe.

Lip Colour

It seems that despite promises of lasting through lunch dates and coffee breaks, even the most all day of lip colour falls a little short.  But instead of re-visiting the full makeup regimen in your designated 30 minutes, simply keep some lip colour on hand to keep yourself looking fresh.  A tinted gloss is always useful in brightening up any look, and the beauty is that it can be re-applied at will without the matte-y over-processed lipstick trademark.  No liner required.


Anyone will tell you that the surest way to turn your coworkers against you is to overwhelm them with perfume and air fresheners “ nobody wants to be Phyllis from The Office.  But if you want to freshen up without hauling your collection of body spray and eau de toilette, pick up something like Bath & Body Works Instant Aromatherapy “ a roll-on scent that not only smells fantastic, but evokes different emotions.  That way, instead of sharing your favourite smell with the entire floor, only you and a select few will be privy to your favourite scent.


We can still sing the praises of oil-blotting sheets while suggesting the use of a compact with a light powder to keep up your morning glow.  While you don’t want to cake on your makeup, re-applying a light powder will keep your face looking flawless, and while the cubicle isn’t the time or the place for a full makeup redo, the occasional touch-up is more than forgivable.  Brands like Cover Girl and Body Shop offer great compacts with light powder formulas, and of course with a mirror, you can do those quick after-lunch teeth checks, too.

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