Product Of The Week: Goldwell Stylesign Curls & Waves Salty Oil Spray Surf Oil 2

Oh hair-curling products, you’re a dime a dozen, each one of you promising magical outcomes and solutions. We fall for you hard, too, every time as we spray, scrunch and massage you in hopeful you’ll be our forever one. So why does our hair still look like crap? Flat at the roots, frizzy in the middle and curling at the ends?

Well, at least it did until a couple of hours ago until we sprayed in Goldwell Stylesign Curls & Waves Salty Oil Spray Surf Oil 2. Now we’ve got even, soft and pretty-looking loose waves. And long after our hair has dried.

No, the product isn’t charmed. It’s not a miracle worker either. But it is very well constructed with a formula of lightweight oil and textured salt. The oil works to reduce frizz and separate strands into defined waves or curls, depending on hair texture and personal style. It’s not too heavy for our fine waves either, so we don’t have to worry about looking greasy. The textured salt on the other hand, is giving our hair the grit it needs to create thicker looking and better holding waves that hold their shape.

We’re definitely not newbs, but we have to admit we really appreciate the clear set of directions stamped across the back of the bottle. They may not be a witch’s potion, but they certainly help us with our styling game so that we can have more wavier hair days than not.

Goldwell Styesign Curls & Waves Salty Oil Spray Surf Oil 2, $22, available online at

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