Beauty Tips from Hollywood’s Makeup Artists

Want to look like a an A-lister? Don’t we all! But thankfully, Hollywood beauty insiders open up and share their tips and tricks to solve makeup, hair and skincare concerns.

Dry Skin

Troy Jensen- the person behind the face of stars like Kim Kardashian, Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie is all about moisturizing your face before your foundation. Make sure you moisturize and massage your lotion in slowly and in a circular motion. It helps speed up absorption into your skin and circulation to your face. Also, for travelling celebrities, keep your lips moisturized and mist your skin with a hydrating mist. 

Dark Eye Circles

Sleep is the best cure, but there are plenty of dark bag-busters that can help you looking fresh! Nina Dobrev’s makeup artist, Renee Rouelau suggests massaging vitamin C to the eye area which helps repair and constrict blood vessels for bright eyes. Overtime, this serum can help contribute to lightening the dark circles and stimulate blood flow.

Plump lips

Want Angelina Jolie’s plump lips? We can fake it with a simple pantry item! Cinammon! Celebrity makeup artist to Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez (and more), Joanna Schlip suggests mixing a little bit of cinnamon to lip balm. It is a natural way to increase blood flow and plump lips.

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Sallow Skin

The best cure to sallow or dull skin is to exfoliate! Rid your rough skin by scrubbing down and encouraging skin regeneration. A mild facial scrub leaves you with instantly smoother and glowing skin. 

Glowing Skin

To keep your skin looking fresh and flawless, apply foundation and concealer sparingly. Benefit makeup artist Maggie Ford Danielson suggests moisturizing generously, then applying concealer for extra coverage if needed.  


If you’ve got a terrible zit and are having a difficult time covering up, Wende Zomnir – the visionary behind Urban Decay, suggests using an eye shadow primer, like Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion to ‘prep’ your pimple before you apply your concealer.

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Dull Skin

Makeup artist Max Fine has brushed the faces of Queen Latifa and most memorable CoverGirl ads. He suggests adding warmth to your skin with bronzer. A mixture of matte and shimmer is a great way to contour and sculpt your cheekbones and look sunkissed.

Oily Skin

Charlie Green- celeb makeup artist to Alicia Keys, Angelina Jolie (and more), suggets opting for blotting papers instead of extra powder to keep the skin matte and cake-free. And as a bonus tip- did you know that in a pinch, the toilet seat covers in public restrooms are a similar material to oil blotting papers? So, if you ever need, you can use these to leave you in a shine free zone. Another great alternative are Starbucks napkins if you are ever in a pinch. 


Last but not least, the best beauty trick on the red carpet is to smile. Whether you show your teeth or do a modest turn of the lips, nothing is more beautiful. 

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