Getting Married? This Is Your Complete Wedding Skincare Guide

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By Alison McGill

The wedding boom rolls on in 2023, and if you’re getting married this year, you are likely in the midst of getting all the fine details of your day together. Something that should take a top spot on that wedding to-do list: a solid wedding skincare strategy. This is something you need to start planning from the moment of engagement because great skin takes more than a few days or weeks’ worth of work.

“If your skin is good, you look good, and you FEEL good,” says Rachel Liverman, CEO and founder of Glowbar, the buzzy New York-based skincare clinics which offer intensive, personalized facial treatments in just 30 minutes. “Having healthy, glowing skin boosts your confidence, and confidence.”

As a bride-to-be herself, Liverman has been practicing an extra-intensive wedding skincare regime in advance of her big day in mid-March of this year.

“I’m always trying my best to take care of my skin year-round through monthly facials and using professional-grade products, sleeping with a silk pillowcase, and all that good stuff,” Liverman says. “I started ramping up my pre-wedding skincare routine six months ago. This is when I began including at-home chemical peels in addition to my monthly facials, threw out any old makeup and brushes, and started hydrating more and drinking alcohol less. Then about three months out, I began doing facials twice a month, with a focus on extractions to clean out my pores, and a regimen to treat hyperpigmentation. This is the perfect time to make sure you’re taking advantage of these effective treatments that can be a little bit more invasive.”

Liverman says the top skincare concerns she hears from brides are puffiness, fine lines and acne. Under eye circles are a particularly big one. She says using the right eye cream that hydrates from the inside out is crucial to reduce the appearance of tired under eyes and to keep your skin tight and bright ahead of the wedding. “Another concern for brides is ensuring their skin is smooth and glowing on their big day,” Liverman explains. “This is where exfoliating and dermaplaning can come to the rescue by removing a layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz, leaving you with baby-smooth skin. It will help make your makeup go on flawlessly too.”

ABOVE: Bride-to-be Rachel Liverman, CEO and founder of Glowbar

As for her own wedding skincare goals? Liverman shares as a 37-year-old bride her main concerns have been ensuring her skin looks as youthful and glowy as possible. “I like to call this strategy the BLT without the calories,” Liverman laughs. “Brighten, lighten, and tighten. I also do have baby Botox a couple of times a year for preventative reasons. I realize it’s not for everyone, but it works for me.

Read on for more of Liverman’s essential tips to create the perfect pre-wedding plan.

Monthly facial treatments are non-negotiable
“If you want clear and radiant skin every day, but especially before the big day, getting expert facials for at least the three months prior is critical,” Liverman says. “Make sure your esthetician knows your plan to avoid irritating treatments leading up to your wedding day. Once you hit the three-month mark, bump up to two facials a month.”

Get a silk pillowcase
“Lots of people think silk pillows only benefit your hair, but they are actually a crucial part of any nighttime skincare routine,” Liverman explains. “Cotton pillowcases absorb more of the product, meaning it reduces the number of effective ingredients on your face. Not to mention the bacteria and oil build-up that can instigate acne and inflammation.”

Introduce at-home chemical peels
This is something to do six months out from your day,” Liverman shares. “Chemical peels are my knight in shining armor when maintaining that glow at home. They minimize pores, smooth fine lines, and wrinkles, and even out your complexion.”

Up your water intake
“If you think you’re drinking enough water, you’re not,” Liverman laughs. “It’s time to buy one of those obnoxiously large water bottles with inspirational quotes on it because hydration is so important to ensure you look and feel your best ahead of your wedding.”

Do a makeup cleanse
“Throw away all your old makeup—especially the eye shadow palette you have been using for a decade—and clean your brushes,” Liverman says. “There is no time to get bacterial infections and breakouts ahead of your wedding day.”

Book any invasive procedures six weeks out
“We’re talking about neuromodulators, fillers and any more intense medical aesthetic treatments like IPL,” Liverman says. “For injectables this timeline is far enough in advance of your wedding day to see how it settles and to make sure you are happy with the results.”

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