Fragrance Of The Month: Jo Malone London Osmanthus Blossom Cologne

This month we’re spritzing Jo Malone London’s Osmanthus Blossom Cologne. We needed to break up the Groundhog Day sensation our regular and beloved spring floral fragrance was beginning to have, now that we’re predominantly living and working within the same four walls, every single day.

While technically, this new eau is a green and floral fragrance, it’s infusion of rich, warm fruity notes combined with the eponymous peach and apricot-smelling flower give it an enticing and elegant aroma. But we would expect nothing less from the UK-based fragrance designer. Her penchant for pairing herbs and fruit with budding blossoms is, after all, her sweet-scented spot at the fragrance counter.

And this cologne may just be the most unique one the proverbial beauty counter has offered up. On first spritz, it is fresh, juicy and with a touch of citrus-scented blooms courtesy of notes of peach and petitgrain. It then blooms into a bright, sweet and warm elixir with the addition of orange blossom and osmanthus before sliding into a sultry finish with dry and sensual cashmere wood. The overall effect is light and incandescent with a cozy, happy and optimistic feel.

If you can’t get enough simply by breathing the luminous scent in as it wafts off your skin, spritz a little on your partner. The cologne is unisex and we promise, if you each wear it not only will you both regale in your senses, but you may also be able to break up your everyday routine just a little bit more… .

Jo Malone London Osmanthus Blossom Cologne, $96 for 30 ml and $190 for 100 ml available online at

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