10 Canadian Skin Care Brands You Should be Using

There are a lot of great skin care brands you probably don’t know about that come out of Canada. We’ve collected 10 of our favourites that we think you should incorporate into your daily routines, along with their best-selling product to get you started.



Racinne offers quality Korean skincare products that are available to Canadians across the country. Their mission is to have people think differently, and feel beautiful in their skin. Their products are available at select supermarkets across Canada, or on their website.

Hero Product: Ultimate Hydra Perfection hydrating serum $34.99 at racinne.ca

Refresh Botanicals 

Refresh Botanicals

Refresh Botanicals promises all of their products are free of any parabens, gluten, or artificial fragrances, which makes it the perfect product line for those with extremely sensitive skin, or allergies to certain ingredients found in more mainstream skin care products.

Hero Product: Foaming Facial Cleanser $15 at select pharmacies in Canada, or online at refreshbotanicals.com

Miracle 10

miracle 10

Marie MacDonald and her husband, Dr. Frank Lista of The Plastic Surgery Skincare Clinic in Mississauga Ontario, founded Miracle 10 after clients started voicing their desire for better skin. A simple and quick skin type survey on their website determines what products are best suited for you. Miracle 10 also offers products that can be used on all skin types.

Hero Product: Miracle 10 Mask has a neutral PH for any skin type. $65 for 50ml online at miracle10.com

Whistler Naturals

whistler naturals


Founded in Whistler by Lisa McGregor, Whistler Naturals uses natural ingredients to make everything from sugar scrubs, to anti-aging serums. McGregor was inspired by the beauty of the nature around her when coming up with the idea to make a product that offered customers the same experience, without being in Whistler.

Hero Product: Vanilla Silk Sugar Scrub: $17 at select spas across Canada, or the Whistler Naturals website.

Helena Lane Skincare

helena lane

Lane’s passion for using plant based products started in her twenties after the natural products saved her skin from eczema. Lane who grew up in England, now lives with her husband in Vancouver. Helena Lane’s website allows customers to shop for products according to their skin type.

Hero Product: Argan Oil + Frankincense Facial Serum $30 at greenaby.ca



Lovefresh was started by Stacey Davis in Toronto. Lovefresh’s product range of scrubs, and lotions are made using natural ingredients in a wide range of scents from lavender to key lime coconut. The company also sells natural deodorant in a variety of scents, and consistencies.

Hero Product: Natural Cream Deodorant Pot $15 on lovefresh.com

Elizabeth Grant

elizabeth grant

Elizabeth Grant created the cosmetic and skin care company sixty years ago in England. Prior to developing her own company, Grant worked as a make up artist and worked on movie stars Sean Connery, and Vivian Leigh. Grant’s daughter-in-law Marion Witz joined the Elizabeth Grant team in 1995, and moved the company to Canada.

Hero Product: Vitamin C Hydra-Moist Super Fruit Day Cré¨me $55 at elizabethgrant.com

Belmondo Organic Skin Care


Daniela Belmondo’s handmade products include organic olive oil from Italy, where her family is from. Belmondo started the company in British Columbia, and support fair trade, and local sourcing. In Italian Belmondo translates to ˜beautiful world’, and all of Belmondo’s products are named after all of the beautiful things in nature.

Hero Product: The Garden Silky Olive Oil Hand and Body Lotion $38 from belmondo.ca

Barefoot Venus

barefoot venus

Barefoot Venus offers a wide variety of bath products, body washes, and lotions. All of Barefoot Venus’ products are made in Canada, and use all natural ingredients to provide customers with quality products they know are good for their skin.

Hero Product: Lemon Freckle Body Lotion $19 from barefootvenus.com

Consonant Skincare


Bill Baker founded Consonant Skincare in Toronto in 2007. Consonant offers skin, and body care products that are 100 per cent natural and chemical free for both adults and children. Consonant products are great for on the go, as they offer travel sized versions of their best sellers.

Hero Product: HydrExtreme Serum $72 for 10ml at consonateskincare.com

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