Product Of The Week: Perspirex Plus Antiperspirant Roll-On

There is nothing like forced heat to get my sweat on and not in the understandable or rewarding way a solid workout makes me feel. I’m talking about broiling under fluorescent lights and multiple layers of cashmere and wool. Soaking through cotton t-shirts and being pitted halfway through the day. Yucky, uncomfortable sweating.

Sometimes my regular antiperspirant/deodorant does the trick and other days not so much. Swiping on Perspirex Plus Antiperspirant Roll-on every fifth to seventh day however is giving me some reprieve.

Unique from other underarm products, Perspirex’s formulation of calcium lactate, hydrogenated castor oil (not the smelly kind you ingested as a kid), alcohol and 15 per cent aluminum chloride work together to halt wetness before you even feel it. Sure, it’s a stronger blend than my usual spray, solid and roll-on options, but since I only need to apply it once a week or so, the ingredients average out. It doesn’t dehydrate my skin either, courtesy of its Cpx skincare system that minimizes irritation. And all I have to do is roll it on before putting on my pajamas and hitting the sheets.

Perspirex Plus Antiperspirant Roll-on, $19.97, available online at

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