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So here’s how this works: Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” everyone feels the energy of the prevailing astrological sign, regardless of their own. Right now, until Nov. 21, the sun is in Scorpio — which means we’ll be more likely to feel the vibe of this […]

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The contest has now closed. Thank you for entering! A good handbag is our lifeline — we literally hold our whole life in our bag and it contains everything we need to be our best selves (think: mascara and lipstick for quick touch-ups; gum/mints; our phone; and our debit/credit/ID cards). That said, our handbag of […]

Kristen Vinakmens kristen.vinakmens@29secrets.com Administrator Kristen is the Editor-in_Chief of 29Secrets.com. She mostly edits, and occasionally writes, and prefers to go incognito with a ghost avatar until she can figure out this Wordpress thing. 29Secrets
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TBH, we’ve been breaking the “no white after Labour Day” rule for as long as we can remember. With cool, chalky corduroys, cozy ivory sweaters and snowy faux furs putting a fresh spin on the season’s otherwise subdued palette, it’s easier than ever to work the shade all winter long. And while we definitely won’t […]

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After 10-months of cute-couple PDA pics, a whirlwind romance and a plethora of #couplegoals hashtags, (and that night at the MET ball) Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are reportedly no more. The couple are said to have called it quits due to their conflicting travel schedules, according to People Magazine. As news of their alleged […]

Jen Kirsch kirsch.jen@gmail.com Author Jen Kirsch is a relationship columnist, dating expert and on-air personality. 29Secrets
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The first thing you need to do to draw out your eyes is to better define them and its immediate neighbours; anything that accentuates your eyes is going to make them look bigger, so start with defining your brows to create the most flattering frame for your eye shape. Tweeze out outlying eyebrow hairs as […]

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This morning, ABC News aired its interview with fashion designer Donna Karan, who’d previously told the Daily Mail  that Harvey Weinstein was a “wonderful” person and that women needed to assess themselves and the way they dress in today’s society. “How do we present ourselves as women? What are we asking? Are we asking for […]

annetdonahue@gmail.com Author Anne T. Donahue is a writer and person who lives just outside of Toronto and knows way too much about the Great British Bake Off. 29Secrets
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I befriended my girl crush on social media and we’ve never met in real life. This might sound really weird and different, if it weren’t so goddamn common. I mean, even Cheryl Strayed (!) posted on her Instagram a couple of weeks ago that she finally got to meet her long-time friend the Elizabeth Gilbert […]

Jen Kirsch kirsch.jen@gmail.com Author Jen Kirsch is a relationship columnist, dating expert and on-air personality. 29Secrets
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Tomorrow, after literal eons of waiting, we get new episodes of Stranger Things. (Which means that if I’ve made plans with you over the next few days, I’m sorry, but they’re cancelled). So as per usual, I’ve got a few issues I need taken care of. And while I was a big fan of the series’ […]

annetdonahue@gmail.com Author Anne T. Donahue is a writer and person who lives just outside of Toronto and knows way too much about the Great British Bake Off. 29Secrets
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You may recognize her from Alessia Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful” music video or from last year’s Uniqlo Canada launch campaign. Or perhaps you’ve come across her street fashion-filled Instagram page (which is absolutely #goals) or read through her inspiring blog, Love Mirian. Mirian Njoh is the multi-hyphenate millennial behind it all. Her resume includes […]

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When five of the original supermodels of the ’90s closed Versace’s Spring 2018 show in Milan last month, it was iconic, but nothing less than an emotional rollercoaster. Shock, excitement, awe, nostalgia — we felt it all. Cindy, Naomi, Claudia, Helena, Carla, Christy and others — are more than just icons from an era that […]

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Outsized, eye-catching earrings are officially the season’s most coveted accessory, and we couldn’t be more on board. As the weather gets colder and the layers pile on, what better way to stand out IRL (and on social) than with a pair of flattering, face-framing earrings? Even if you’re dressed down in jeans and a tee, […]

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If you’re a true makeup lover, you treat Halloween as an official holiday. Whether you’re looking for a costume idea or just creating a Halloween post for the ‘gram, scroll through for our favourite Halloween makeup looks inspired by some of the best beauty vloggers. From frightfully creepy to quirky-cool to glam, there’s sure to […]

Alyssa Tria alyssaj.tria@gmail.com Author Alyssa is a Toronto-based personal style and beauty blogger. She has three loves: shoes, makeup and food. When she’s not out ratting the mall for the perfect block heel, you’ll likely find her glued to her phone reading up on the latest beauty launches or searching for the best eats in the city (if she’s not already eating, of course). Keep up with everything she does on her blog AllWaysAly.ca 29Secrets
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Our spiritual saviours Iyanla and Oprah said it best: guilt is a wasted emotion. And let’s face it, it really is a huge waste of time and energy. Feeling guilty for taking what we need, or not being able to give someone else what they need, does nothing except torture us. And it wears us down, too: […]

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