Pure Barre: Toronto’s Newest Way to Stay Fit All Year Round

We all know come January, the battle of the holiday bulge rages in full force. Endlessly slaving away on the treadmill is about as appealing as skipping all the seasonal fun in the first place (c’mon, boozy indulgences and big, festive meals are a holiday must!). But those few added pounds aren’t going to vanish on their own (if only!).

Torontonians: listen up. This January, your fitness goals will become achievable in the most enjoyable, gratifying way possible. With its first international location gracing Queen Street West, Pure Barre will help you tone, tighten and sweat away every canapé©, cocktail and calorie consumed since November’s first soiré©e.

Sloan Evans, Chief Executive Officer at Pure Barre, shares his excitement: Pure Barre’s expansion into Canada is an incredible milestone and we’re looking forward to making our unique technique and community an international way of life.


With more than 300 studios across the U.S., Pure Barre is the largest, most established barre franchise on the continent. Clients flock to the high-energy classes for so many reasons ” the first of which being because it’s fun. There is absolutely no arguing Pure Barre is an intense workout; it effectively works your entire body in under an hour, lifting your seat (that’s Pure Barre talk for bum), toning your thighs, abs and arms while simultaneously torching calories and fat.

There are several reasons that make Pure Barre so enjoyable; the original and upbeat soundtrack, the tiny but deceptively challenging movements that make you feel leaner, stronger, and yes, sweaty; the camaraderie you’ll develop with fellow class-goers; and potentially above all else, that feeling of elation after class ” thanks, endorphins. However, the mood boost is far from short lived; it’s easy to feel good when your frame becomes more defined and your limbs start looking lithe in a few short weeks.


Pure Barre’s unique concept is also what makes it so addictive. Throughout each class ” which is different every time you attend ” the workout demands focus and perseverance through some exercises; while others instill a sense of reflection in mind-body connection to really get a deeper workout for muscles while encouraging a sense of body awareness and well-being.

Until the grand opening here on Queen West, which is set to be late December or early January, get your fix online by streaming classes or practicing your pulses with the at-home DVDs, available at purebarre.com. Don’t miss out on their pre-opening special, which offers 5 weeks of unlimited Pure Barre for $99. See you at the barre!

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