The Perfect Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

Not everyone enjoys working out. But the fact remains that daily exercise is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. If you have ever embarked on a workout plan that didn’t stick, then you aren’t alone. Why can some people do yoga five times a week, while others can’t seem to stay awake through a single class? Everyone has a different workout personality, and the key to sticking to a routine, is doing things you enjoy, and that you feel are working for you.

Your astrological chart is complicated, but choosing a workout that compliments the traits of your Sun Sign is a great starting-off point. At the very least, getting out there and trying new things definitely can’t hurt!

Aries: Your love of competition makes your ideal workout a no-brainer: sports. Join a baseball or soccer league in the summer and put all that energy to good use. For something a little different, try fencing. Just try not to be a sore loser. It’s all for fun, after all.

Taurus: You are a homebody, so any kind of workout DVD that you can follow along to in the comfort of your living room, is perfect. Or pop in Wii Fit, so you can track your progress and go at your own pace. If you want to get out, avoid highly competitive sports in favor of something you can do solo, like cross-country skiing.

Gemini: Your short attention span demands variety and lots of activity. Try a Zumba class for a high energy dance-inspired workout. The upbeat music will keep you interested, and the opportunities for socializing will guarantee you will be looking forward to class every week.

Cancer: You are the commitment type, so picking one activity to excel at is preferable. You are most at home in the water, so swimming is the perfect workout for you (fun fact: Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps is a cancer). Try to focus on your core muscles, because you tend to carry weight around your stomach.

Leo: You like being the center of attention, so any workout that allows you to show off a little bit will appeal to you. Pilates is a great choice because you can gradually increase the difficulty and intensity until you are an expert. Then you will be the one leading the class.

Virgo: You love the outdoors, so joining a gym probably isn’t going to inspire you to workout more. You have a lot of endurance, so cycling is a great way to work towards a goal. Just make sure you have realistic expectations so you don’t get discouraged. Add a little meditation into your routine to calm your constant worrying.  

Libra: High-intensity workouts are definitely not for the easily fatigued Libra. You will benefit more from low-impact cardio, and lots of stretching. Try a yoga class, or hot yoga if you feel like something a little more intense. Work on your golf game for a more social workout.

Scorpio: Your intensity makes interval training a highly effective workout for you. You like the extreme ups and downs, and you are good at pushing yourself. You are always more productive when you workout alone, so skip the fitness classes. Make sure to give yourself a cool down period to soothe your nerves after a challenging workout.

Sagittarius: You are the runner of the zodiac. You like having a goal to work towards, and a half marathon definitely fits the bill. Training for and completing a Tough Mudder obstacle course would probably appeal to your competitive side as well.

Capricorn: You enjoy working hard for a big pay off, so activities that require endurance are your favourite. Hiking and rock climbing are both excellent ways for you to challenge yourself. Going for long, leisurely walk appeals to you as well, so incorporate those into your fitness plan.

Aquarius: You are not a fan of being restricted, or of following a routine. Your best bet is to do short high-intensity workouts a few times a week. Maximum efficiency and variety are key, so try CrossFit to get results quicker. You also enjoy extreme sports for the adrenaline rush, so try water skiing if the opportunity presents itself.

Pisces: You are not the sporty type, so activities like yoga and dance class are more your speed. Aerobics are the perfect way to mix music and your natural sense of rhythm   together for a workout that relieves stress. You love relaxing in a hot sauna afterwards, so make sure your gym has one!

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